Hey guys,

I am currently on the following 6 week cycle:

Test En 750 mgs per week
Tren 100 mgs/day
D bol 50 mgs/day
Adex 50 mgs EOD

I am beginning the second week and I had a business function with a client who likes to drink and likes you to drink with him. Long story short, I had about 10 beers and am worried about liver damage. Should I take a day off of the dbol and let me body recover or not worry about it?

I have been taking Milk Thistle in conjunction with this cycle to control liver problems.

Any advice would be appreciated.

One night of drinking is not going to cause a problem, even taking dbol. What is much worse for your liver is drinking every night, even if the amount is less. Did you at least get some business out of him?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The liver is a pretty tough organ. I had a lady patient in the hospital who was suffering from alcoholic liver cirrhosis. She was waiting for a transplant. She told me that she had drunk one of those “boxes” of wine everyday for the last 20 years or so. So I don’t think 10 beer and 10 dbol -which are arguably less liver toxic then one tylenol are going to put you into acute liver failure.

Yes, I did get business. He’s a significant guy in my business. Thanks for the advice.

As long as it was less than a case and it was decent beer it doesn’t really count as “bad for the liver”… Does it?