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Drunk Wrestling


Dumb shit, I do not recommend. I wrestled a taller guy who was my weight. That did not go well, I still have tooth aches and chewing hurts. It didn't impress anyone either. Atleast he offered me a drink and we went to the bar together afterwards.

Any good experiences with drunk wrestling?


I dont think that was wrestling. The dude got you wasted and raped your mouth.


Lotta repressed memories.




I think the story of what led to the wrestling, would be more interesting.


"FRAT! FRAT! FRAT! FRAT!" The rancorous boys yelled in their tight pastel colored polo shirts as they surrounded the lowly Finish boy being raped in the mouth. The proud traditions of fraternal hazing have not diminished in their splendor in over a century.


Rapped? Were they beat boxing? Either way, after that affair, he was finished alright


I went into to a crowd and asked who wants to wrestle. It was forceful but not serious.


Rapping, rapping...at my chamber door?


i would imagine homosexual rape to be both foreful and serious


Funny I would stumble upon this post today. Just last night, I got drunk and wrestled this guy who had been wrestling for 12 years, seemed like a good idea at the time, lol, it was fun though. His girlfriend kept making the comment, wow, too much testosterone in here. Women. They could never understand. But I think she liked it, haha.


I also put two huge holes in my wall, I think wrestling outside might have been a better idea, lol, I have some drywall to hang.


Damn...rattled his teeth....hahah


I served it, you took it. Good job.