Drunk Stories

In the “peeing in inappropriate places” genre:

We were having a party at my place in college, and everyone was nice and toasty on beers. We had been playing Kings, a$$hole, three-man and a slew of other games, and a few of us guys and gals went to the hot tub to hang out (no, the inappropriate spot was not the hot tub, luckily). One of the guys - we’ll call him JJ - wasn’t used to drinking and tubbing - it got you more drunk more quickly.

So anyway, a little later on we went back in, and JJ proceeded to pass out on the couch, next to a couple of other girls who were similarly assed out. We went outside to smoke stogies, and came back in and saw our little friend JJ standing in the corner by the couch, pissing on one of the passed out girls’ shoulders. Apparently he had woken up. It was also apparent he had consumed many, many beers. So we, in between peals of laughter (it was funny enough at the time because we weren’t thinking about our poor couch), were yelling: “JJ, what the hell are you doing?” He looked over at us and held up his finger in the “just a second” gesture. He finished pissing on the passed-out chick (and the couch), and then leaned over and tried to flush her… Still definitely one of the funniest things I have ever seen.