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Drum Tracks for Guitar?

 I play guitar at home,not in a band or anything.I was thinking on getting a play along drum track but the ones I sampled sounded like a video game background...fucking awfull.

Anyone come across any that were worth the money? Either that or check the classifieds for a used electronic drum machine I’m thinking.

Appreciate any opinions. BTW I play(badly) a Dean ML Warbird. R.I.P. Dimebag.


All Rock Band tracks are multi-tracked, and you can get the drum, guitar, and bass parts as separate OGG files or as MOGGS (which you can open in Audacity for e.g.).

Thanks for the info.I’ll get my son to figure it out.

Are you just looking for drum backing tracks?

Yes…Just a beat to play along to.I also have a Korg affects box I fuck around with.

You can download Acid Express for free and then get tons of drum loops for free as well from the same website. They sell the better ones for around $30 i think. The software is easy to use and you can come up with an infinite amount of drum backing tracks without buying a drum machine.

Heres a link for the free software:

And if you browse around on this site, you can buy loops and even find some good free ones.

Oh man,can’t wait to get home after work to download some of them.Thanks for the help.

One of the guys at work saw your avater and laughed his ass off.Thought it was a riot.

[quote]bond james bond wrote:
One of the guys at work saw your avater and laughed his ass off.Thought it was a riot.[/quote]

Lol, that is the work of Iron Dwarf.

These are pretty good, its a full band, all recorded live by a TGP member. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4835757/79_Blues_Backing_Tracks_(Jam_Tracks)