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Drugs Necessary For Pro Bodybuilding?

Hey all, so I’m 18 and wish to get my IFBB Pro card in bodybuilding. I would take the “less expensive” route and go with classic physique but I’m simply too big for it (5’10” 230 lbs @ 6%). And yes, it’s a true 6%, striated glutes and triceps with sunken in face at 5 weeks out. Just wondering exactly how far I can make it in bodybuilding without the use of HGH. AAS and supplements cost enough for me without the tacked on $1K+ per month from pharma-grade growth hormone.

Probably can get away with an array of peptides for a while before you need to hit your wallet hard for some GH. Get yourself a sugar mamma and then you’ll have an endless supply of GH and humalog.

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Got any advice on the sugar mamma thing? Letters to Santa don’t appear to be working for me.


Haha my buddy said the same thing. It’s either that or G4P like our friend Kai Greene


As with most thing, its the 80 20 rule.

To get to the very top, you need to get 100% out of your physique, presuming that you have the genetics to get there. To get to the very top, you will need to take what the other guys at the very top are taking, including the GH. No two ways about it.

To get near the top, you could probably get away with just the basics, If you are 230 @6% natural, you will probably be very competitive adding just the AAS, which are apparently not very expensive at all. Avoid the cost of GH, complications of Insulin, and its cheaper than some supplements I don;t doubt. You’ll get 80% of the benefit from 20% of the gear.

Getting to the very top, in anything, is about how much that last 20% is worth to you, and how much you are willing to pay for it.

I almost made that kind of comment but didn’t want to go down that Hershey highway.

he isn’t natty, he’s used slin, AAS before. No one is 230, 6% natty below 5’11.

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Ha, I assumed as much but didn’t think this was thw time or place for a call out. Advice is the same nonetheless, doesn’t need everything to get.in the mix, does need everything to get near the top.

@Pinkylifting Yeah I guess I didn’t make it too clear that I’m running quite a heavy concoction of AAS right now, trust me I wish I was 230 @ 6% naturally lol. I’m thinking if I really dial everything in right next offseason I can have a stage weight of MAYBE 245 without the use of HGH before I reach the age of 20

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still… 230 at 6%… 5’10 fuck me bro that’s an accomplishment and a half.

What are you currently on? Wasn’t it like 1 G test, 20iu slin/day (or some other super high dose of slin) and an oral? Cruise was like 600 right?

What were you prior to this cycle? Are you going to get regular cardiac check-ups to make sure heart health is semi acceptable?

around when do you think you’ll get you’re pro card?

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230 at 6% is unreal congrats

Would like to see some of your photos

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Appreciate it big time man! In the offseason I started out with a 5 weeker of M1T, mainly for powerlifting purposes (no weight gain), then went on to Test E at 600mg for a few months, and then ramped it up to 1g with 20 iu of slow-acting slin.

Currently I’m running Test Prop 100mg ED, Tren Ace 100mg ED, winstrol 50 mg ED, and some SR9009 (Stenabolic) 30 mg pre-workout.

The only bloodwork I’ve had done so far are monthly checks on liver values (AST and ALT) and triglycerides, but that’s only for my acne medication; liver values were abnormally elevated, nothing extreme, and my dermatologist had called and asked if I had been drinking before getting bloods done lol. I will be getting official bloodwork done soon though.

I’ll be competing in the USA Championships at the end of July for my pro card, hopefully I can get it

What’s the stenabolic for, there isn’t really any appropriate trials to determine how it affects humans, thus it may be a complete waste of money.

Look, 700mg tren/wk is a LOT! You will probably run into some long term health issues if you decide to run tren and winny like this for prolonged periods of time. You should shoot @physiolojik an email.

Dr Sir has competed himself numerous times and probably has experience with all the drugs you are using besides the stenabolic.

If you get lipids checked, I’m curious to see how they are, I have no doubt they’ll be destroyed temporarily while on that dose of tren and winny. I’m just curious how low HDL cholesterol can get. Can it hit 2-3? 4 is the lowest I’ve ever seen on blood work

I’ll be honest, I do think what you’re doing is reckless, however in the end it’s you’re life. Just be CERTAIN this is what you want. Because you are setting yourself up for some serious long term damage. If you’re okay with that then… I guess do what you want to do, I don’t condone it. Although I will say you have some incredible stats and potential.

Are you intending to drop test a few weeks before the comp or are you gonna be using test all throughout?

At 6% BF, does you’re skin currently have the consistency of an erect penis

When was the last time you had the privilege of ingesting nachos.

C17AA + Roaccutane is a bad idea bro. What dose of accutane r U on?

The speciality supplement shop that I’m a member of sells SARMS otc as “reasearch chemicals for lab rats” haha and I get a discount on everything so I picked up the stenabolic as it greatly helps with endurance, especially while in tren. I’m able to do an hour straight through of high intensity elliptical/stair master without getting winded which is definitely a benefit for me during prep.

I’ll definitely make sure to send him an email as I definitely should have some guidance when dealing with these compounds. Yes 700 mg of I agree is overkill for recreational use, but may be appropriate for pre-contest. This is a lot of AAS for me and I definitely don’t plan on just running blast cycles like this whenever, as I’ll just be cruising on 300 mg of Test E and a few iu of somatotropin after nationals. Found a pharmaceutical plug who can provide it for $100 10 kit / 10 iu per kit when bought in bulk.

I myself am curious too to see exactly how fxcked up my blood panel is gonna be lol. My dad has been on my mom’s ass about making sure I get my bloodwork done as he knows how much damage I’m probably doing to my body, but she keeps procrastinating (works at a fxcking hospital for Pete’s sake) on setting up a physical with our family doctor.

Bodybuilding is definitely an addiction for me, and I know it’s what I’m going to want to do until the day I die, and I’m okay with shaving off a decade of my life as long as it means I enjoyed doing what I love while I was alive. As far as dropping test, I’ll be dropping it at about 10 days out and starting using Evaporate by Blackstone Labs.

I’ve always had dxck skin, even in the offseason, as naturally I’m vasky af no matter what. When I was only running 600mg of Test E people thought I was on tren and all kinds of other stuff just because of how conditioned I was, especially for it being the offseason. Here’s a couple of pics of me right before staring pre-contest

Wtf are nachos??? Is that some kind of food? Is it like tuna and spinach? Lol

I’m on 40mg of Isotretinoin ED and since it’s not working my dermatologist said he’ll probably bump it up to 80mg if my liver values come back at normal or the same as last time, which I highly doubt they will, getting blood work done for it tomorrow.


It could easily be 2-3 decades.

But hey on a positive note you look great bro! And it sounds like you have found a passion you are willing to make a huge sacrifice for and understand that so I wish you the best of luck!

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If we’re talking 2-3 decades then let’s hope my original life expectancy was like 100 years old lol.

Appreciate the support man, I just plan on going balls to the wall for the title now so that way I’m not still having to run all of this stuff at the age of 40 like some of today’s current top pros

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Wait… waitwaitwaitwait. You’re PARENTS know you’re using these massive amounts of gear. Wow, can’t tell if they’re really supportive or really irresponsible lol.

One of my parental guardians is a medical professional, yeet, floop.

Nachos are a food


Good luck with the comp btw, you look fantastic!

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Haha nah if they knew exactly what I was running and the parameters of how dangerous this stuff is they’d be on MY ASS lol. We don’t really go into too much detail whenever we talk about it, but they’re 100% aware of what I’m doing. They’re extremely supportive of it though, dad’s my backstage coach and does all of my tanning, they make sure I’ve got everything I need for the show, etc. It’s kind of like they’ve submerged themselves into the lifestyle too because of their supportive nature, they even love watching all of the documentaries, like that new one on Netflix about the transgender bodybuilder/powerlifter (go check it out if you haven’t)

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You can get private bloods btw, you’re doc and family won’t see them if you get private bloods, granted you can always bring the bloods in to a Dr’s apptment if you want to follow up on results.

Secondly, based on the pics I don’t see much acne, you have like three pimples on you’re face (in one pic), but you don’t seem to be acne ridden.

if already doing insulin and tren at 18 and continue on this path expect to have cardiomyopathy by late 30s and i’d put a small bet on you being dead at 55

google Dante Trudel’s/Doggcrap’s ‘Cycles for pennies’ and get a consultation from a reputable guy like John Meadows. Read all his articles here also