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Drugs Interaction

Im on a methenolone cycle in the beginning of my third week and Ive caught a pretty nasty Tonsillitis accompanied by a severe flu due to sudden changes in temperature.

Ive been recommended by my doctor to take Claritin (loratadine) 1pill twice a day
Azithromycin (antibiotic) 500mg/once a day for 5 days

Should I not take any of this drugs because of drugs interaction or another kind of damage there might be?

I cant ask my doctor about it. So thanks and sorry if this is in anyway offending to be posted in here.

greets, M.


The only thing to ever worry about on cycle with drugs like these, would be extra liver stress, but realistically speaking while THEY can technically stress the liver, its not significant.

AND your running freaking primo, otherwise known as the mildest thing ever.

Even if you were running heavy methylated orals and tren and test with AI’s and shit I STILL would tell you not to worry about it.

Ok Im rambling a little bit, dont worry AT ALL. Neither of those is going to hurt you in anyway on primo or anything else for that matter.

Didn’t read any of that - can’t stop starring at your avatar.