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Drugs In Sport



Quite an interesting article on drugs in sport particularly HGH.

The IOC and WADA's press machine would have the public believe that they have doped athletes on the run but this one statement says it all "HGH is used with total impunity". Which raises the question, is it actually possible to be a competative olypic weight lifter without using HGH? hmmmm


I object more to the way it has become an industry rather than the steroids to be honest. It just seems silly for athletes to compete under different flags when they all train internationally these days anyway.

The next olympics should be a good example of what state sponsored Chinese factory-farmed roided-up automatons can do.


but don't you want to see the limets of the human body when you watch sports at the highest levels.


It's still the human body performing all the work.


What was news to me ignorant as I am of these things is that the in this article the authorities state that the only way you can be caught for doping with HGH is if it's found in your bag... apart from that you can dope with impunity.

I find that staggering... why would any athlete that would benefit from HGH use not take it when the chances are that most of the competition are taking it, and you will not be caught? It's a vicious circle and I would love to hear what someone like Dan John thinks of the situation.