Drugs in Sport

G’day fellas,

i have a high school assesment on drugs including:

anabolics steroids
HGH (growth hormones)

i am only 16 and so i havnt takn the time to read t-nations articles on these before. so which ones do you think i should be reading for info on their effects and side effects and any of your own expiriences would be useful. Also here in Australia all 3 drugs are illegal do the same laws apply in the states. thanx in advanced.

Read the FAQ’s.

I hope you don’t plan on using any at your age.

Steroids for sure. They are the most effective of the three. Roids also have more variety, so there is a lot more information you can gather. Find a copy of the world anabolic review, it has a lot of information. If you do your research you can do an interesting report.

don worry nat i dont plan to using any of them at my age or even at all for that matter. i think anyone can make the physique they want without that stuff.