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Drugs in IPF


I have a moral question.

I ben to a meet recently and dere was a guy in my weigt class we all knew was on drugs. he�´s propely not the only one. how do you think a guy like me feel�´s. or others. i live for powerlifting, I sacrifice a lot.

tell me, why should i not take some drugs like the rest? I want to win to :slight_smile: I don�´t think u can say they are idiots and im an idiot for doing it to. we live in a world of bodybuilders, fitness freaks, powerlifters and strong men that would have bin nothing with out druges, and yet we look op to every one of them haha. I want to be that guy they look op to.

wath do you guys think?

sounds to me like you need some drugs

I think you live once and life is to short to not be on a gram of test.

Take drugs man, all the cool kids are doing it