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Drugs for injury

i know next to nothing about anabolics and the various ergogenics, etc. used by bodybuilders but i am wondering if there is anything that, when used systemically, does anything to encourage bone healing or tendon remodeling, etc. this is mainly a curiosity, i’m not really hopeful that i’m going to find something on a message board that will revolutionize my ability to deal with injuries.

I think TC did a talk-radio peice that you can find on this site where he talks about it. I was thinking of looking for it when I have enough money to do something about it and buy the drugs.

Hopefully someone that reads this knows what I am talking about and links it. Then I wouldn’t have to search for it later. :slight_smile:

P.S. Belligerent, post it if you are ambitious enough to find it.

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thanks guys. i looked for the TC thing but there is so much to dig though that I gave up. Do you know when about he posted it?

Bushi, great info… igf-1 eh. that’s not even illegal is it? i could probably pull that off… do you know if thats a commonly reported effect, or just something that’s been demonstrated on a rat ligament in vitro, etc?


It’s a radio posting (a voice article). There aren’t many of them.