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Drugs for Drastic Cut

So guys just needed some advice. Show day is beginning of August, I got sick with an infection so I was unable to train properly for about 2 weeks. Now as im behind schedule a fair bit, I have about 5 weeks to lose 5-6% BF.

My question is this, with a strict diet and 1 hour fasted cardio daily, is this possible, if so what drugs would aid me best (excluding tren).

Current drug regime is:
750mg Primo
600mg EQ (finishes this week)
200mg Test prop
30mg Anavar ed
50mg Proviron ed
5iu GH x5days



I think it depends a lot on your current body fat /LBM obviously someone who is %30 bf can drop %5 in no time. Someome who is %10 trying to get to %5 is going to be much more difficult.

Regardless I think it’s %100 possible. It’s not going to be fun tho. I would imagine the best way would be a crash diet while making sure you don’t lose any muscle(the steroids should make that possible) I would imagine var and test and proviron will handle that area just fine.

I know hgh can cause water retention so I probably wouldn’t use that close to show (I have no experience with hgh tho and I understand it can affect people differently)

I hate major caloric deficits they make me lethargic and training miserable and turn me into an asshole but to lose a true 5-6% bf especially being as tho your are already lean its probably going to be necessary

Im assuming your talking about a BB show right?

That’s a lot of test for you, isn’t it? I seem to remember you cruises on a super low dose.

Anyway, increase the anavar to 50mg (if it doesn’t bother you). That’s stuff is so good and works as well as you could hope for something with such low side effects.

@zeek1414 yes you’re correct brother, a BB show. I’ll try to get some pics up but I have a strange feeling im leaner than I look and I think that might be the water and bloat from the GH. Im planning to cut it out around 3 weeks before the show.

Overall my upper body sure looks much leaner, striations visible on my chest and shoulders. Im already down to 2100 calories so dont have much room to drop more. I did just drop to 2100 today however. If absolutely needed, i could add in more LISS cardio after my evening weights session too. Trying to avoid T3 and clen, thoughts?

@iron_yuppie you’re correct, its actually double my TRT dose. I did go as high as 300mg which was OK but i dropped down now because the overall mg’s of gear increased over the week due to the addition of anavar, so to stay safe I want to keep overall amount of drugs on the lower side.


Probably. You could probably shed the water and look like you dropped major BF. My training buddy competes and he has a pre contest protocol it involves completely dropping test and crashing estrogen along with some tricky dieting to shed any extra water. He will go from bulky (10%bf) to around 7-8 in a month but looks like he’s sub 5% just from all the water he drops. Guys a beast but I can tell he hates life during those 4 weeks lol.

2100 as long as macros are dialed in all clean food and your training hard I would think would be enough of a deficit. Il probably never use clen or t3 because I don’t compete but if I were to compete I would use clen before t3. Something about messing with my thyroid kinda puts me off I’d rather speed my body up with clen then mess with anymore natural functions then I already am.

I agree with the thyroid too hence why I haven’t used any T3 yet.

Training is on point, strength is still good and energy is fine. My macros are at 80f/150c/200p on rest days and 50f/260c/180p on training days. 1 hour fasted cardio (with BCAA’s) and then evening weights session. How’s that look?


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Looks solid. If your not seeing the results you want as you get closer you could probably drop the carbs down to 200 on training days maybe even a bit lower that should trigger a little extra fat burning. Obviously strength might suffer tho whenever I dip below 200 carbs I feel it in the gym but I can tell my body is def using more fat for energy.

Keep us updated on progress!

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Definitely looking leaner today in the gym, its certainly the water thats messing with my head. Although I am behind schedule, I think this is part of prep, mind starts playing tricks on you. Will keep this updated!


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So as it stands, flat as a pancake. I’ll be 4 weeks out from this Sunday and I’m beginning to think im too far behind, thinking I’ve got too much fat still left to lose. Nevertheless, will stick to protocol and reassess in maybe 2 weeks time.

Carbs have dropped to 100g on rest days and 200g on training days. Cals at 2000. Overall weight loss since starting the cut is around 11lbs so it seems as though I may have gained some LBM while at it because I’ve dropped a fair amount of fat too.


Looking good my friend. I’m sure you have a tough month ahead of yourself. Best of luck in your competition and keep the updates coming!

Looking good brosef.

Don’t overthink shit too much. Trust the process youl do great!

Thank you for your words of encouragement my brothers @blshaw @zeek1414. They’re going to be much needed these coming few weeks!


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So today it seems as though a lot of water has been dropped. Havent changed anything other than drinking more water and splitting GH into 2 jabs. Do you think i should drop the GH now or 2 weeks out?


Tricky question. I know when it comes to certain gear how long it takes for me to shed the water and like wise for diet. But I’m not entirely sure why GH makes us retain water is it thru mineral imbalance? GH itself is super quick acting so going off just that I would imagine you could drop the water in the matter of days once stopping it use.

Obviously if you run into issues I’d imagine some Lasix and a couple gallons of water would do the job.

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Lasix scares the hell outta me. I’ll give these 2 shots a day another week as I seem to be dropping the water quick now, right on time around the 4 week mark as the brother @studhammer suggested.

Thank you for your continued support bro.


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Man you look super lean allready bro you sure you need a 6% drop? For that hard dry look the Var at 50+ will do that on its own. Throw in a diuretic a few days before show and that might be all you need. Morning cardio fasted is old school and works you can miss on that one… With the drugs & diet if you can handle 20min of HIIT after your weight work BOOM yur done… I like yur using GH I think too many bros forget about recovery…When you cut hard that shit helps avoid shitty injuries… But dropping 1% a week is deff doable…Shiiit you could do that on 300test prop and 80mg var IMO…but stack looks like sum pro shit so go 4 it…Kinda bummed out no marble floors in bathroom tho

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Remind me, are you doing a BB or Physique show? Just curious, either way, you look great. I’m the GH helped.

Next time, I think a longer GH cycle would be good. Maybe 90 - 120 days

Thank you bro, i feel as though im nowhere near lean enough yet for the stage and im less than 4 weeks out. I will have to reassess in a week or 2 before and see if its worth competing. I will be completely bummed out if I dont do the show, ive worked extremely hard for it!.

Its a physique show my brother. Im still hovering around 188lbs but getting leaner daily, however just not fast enough.


Have you checked out @jackolee’s log? Or corresponded with him? He just did a show (his first) and did very well. Perhaps he has some insight for you.

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