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Drugs are Bad Mmmmkay



This dude drank shroom infused tea, proceeded to freak out and killed his friend - then ripped out his heart and eyes and cooked them.



crazy to begin with.

stories like this are good for nobody. MMA hysteria and drug hysteria.


Hell of a finishing move.


Gotta be more than just shrooms.




That's what I thought.

Still, it's just another reason why I'll never touch anything other than weed...



I've never had anything CLOSE to that kind of trip.........

big tittied mermaids jumping out of the blue sky, multicolored spades dancing around to the beat of the music sure but...


Then again, this isn't really a reliable source.


Cutting it out is nowhere near as badass as being the world's first "Kali MMA" fighter.




Not all shrooms that contain hallucinogens are good for tripping. Some of the amanita genus are out now and can make for a horrifying trip.


I heard it on the radio, and seen it on a few sites now.


my sisters mate cut of his skin (not all of it alot of it) when he took acid, he said afterwards he thought he was an orange and had to peel himself.


saw this story on Drudge yesterday, linked from the London Daily Mail. Headline was "American cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil'"

Guy had a 1-0 record as a pro. Now we wait for the fallout of people trying to link this back to him being a "cage fighter" and not to the fact he was out of his mind on drugs. And no, it's not an excuse in my opinion.


Absolute bullshit. I guess I see how people that have no knowledge of these substances could believe things like this (I've heard that urban legend before, Kerely, lol). Either (most likely) this was extraordinarily exaggerated, or the guy had severe psychosis developing already and the substances accelerated it.


Shang Tsung... Wins.


I wasn't the shrooms, it was probably steroids. I say this guy beats Fedor.


The article says he ingested a "hefty dose" of mushroom tea. I would like to know what is considered a hefty dose. The one time I took a hefty dose (at least 8 grams) I sure as hell didn't have the ability to wield any type of instrument that would allow me to cut out a persons heart. Would have to agree with the people saying this dude was psychotic to being with, and probably not on a real "hefty dose".


I don't doubt that the dude already had problems, but if he could very well have been screwing with the wrong shrooms.

Reason that amanita came to my mind before other psilocybe is because of their lack of predictability and possible increase of effect due to how they are taken.

Some of us know a hell of a lot more about mycology and the effects of hallucinogens than you might think. I have been studying and collecting wild edibles for the past 10 years, and I can tell you with a great degree of certainty that if you fuck with the wrong mushrooms, a bad trip is the least of your worries.


I agree with you, I guess I should have been more clear in my first post.

By just saying it was caused by "mushrooms", the general public will assume its the psilocybin variety. This leads to a wrongful demonization of psilocybin, while the real message should be "Always make absolutely sure what you have is a psilocybin containing mushroom, or the consequences could be tragic".

(this is all assuming it was in fact amanitas, not just a pre-existing or developing psychosis exacerbated by psilocybin, or an exaggerated story)