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Drugs and training

T-mag forum,

I’m curious to know how androgens and growth hormone stimulate the nervous system? Also with that, how would taking stimulants (caffiene up to amphetamines) affect training while on androgens and a high intensity low volume programe? Thank you for you efforts.

Is it possible for someone to help me out here?!

my opinion: long-acting andrgens(testosterone enanthate) stimulates the nervous system only mildly. the fast acting crap-androgenic orals (anadrol, dianabol,haltestin and methyltestosterone) do it more. You also become more aggressive. gh doesn t do it at all.caffein is extremely stimulating if you aren t a regular coffee drinker.The even more potent amphetamine turns you into a pathetic being who thinks he s a nuclear-powered training-machine. A guy actually jumped from the roof of my gym building shouting fu.k you!!!He had an ez-bar in his hands…
evrybody thought he was a resonable guy.
Yes he had started using amph.
one should never combine anything with amph.
i ve never used it personally but i ve seen it
being used by others.
I only use a stimulant(coffeine) once a week on back day so that i can feel my lats a little better while i m training them.
Why dhy don t you try using coffeine?
It s easy to get hooked, as stimulants tend to
make you want to jump out of your skin.
If you use stimulants regularily you won t be able to sleep anymore.They also raise blood-pressure , especially while training.Doesn t feel too good.i d stay to the stimulating effect of androgens.