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Drugs and Training (Brian Batcheldor)

A little while ago Brian Batcheldor wrote about his way to cycle androgens.
Wks 1-3 - high androgens with a 60/40% ratio
wk 4 - 3-4 shots of HCG
wks 5-6 - low androgens with a 70/30% ratio
wk 7 - off

Later he mentioned that he would do an article outlining the type of training that one could do. Maybe I missed the article? Anyway, I’m not here to bitch and complain because you post this website for free (thank you and it’s appreciated by all I’m sure) and I’m sure that you all have very busy schedules outside of T-mag. My question - during the first 3 wks of the cycle (high androgen with a 60/40% ratio) he recommends doing 2 workouts of high intensity and low volume and I’m wondering why is it benificial to do this. What effect does androgens have on the recovery ability of the nervous system. Also, could you incorporate some eccentric training during this period and what are the effects of doing eccentric training during this high androgen period?

Thank you for your time and efforts.

p.s. - isn’t d-bol very close to the 60/40 ratio and it does reduce cortisol up to 70% after taking it only for a couple of wks so wouldn’t this be close to an optimal androgen during the first 3 wks? (it also clears very fast)