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Drugs and Lifting


Seeing as this forum is more appropriate for this post, i figured the answers would come much better.

I was wondering how exactly doing drugs(mushrooms, marijuana, coricidin, and so on...all various types) would affect your workout. Exactly, how, is what im really asking? Does it retard your CNS for a good amount of time..or? Its something ive been wondering about out of curiosity.


Erm, and to prevent someone ignorant from trying to flame me for asking this question--the reason is because ive gotten some friends to start joining me on my workouts but they ocasionally use recreational drugs of sorts and Id like to find information on this and study up so i can discuss the effects with them.


Use the search, there are several threads about this already :slight_smile:


It's a good idea to do lines of speed or coke before your workout. You'll train like a madman! Then, after, smoke pot. It will increase your appetite (the munchies) and enable you to get in lots of calories.
So remember- speed/coke (pre-workout), weed (post-workout). Don't get them backwards, you'll be too mellow to train and too speeded up to eat!

LSD and mushrooms may be used if your training is becoming very routine and boring. It's like training in another reality!

Oh, if you want to cut up, try heroin. Just look at Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones.


It depends on the drug, obviously:

Marijuana could improve focus and motivation.
Alcohol puts the kibosh on protein (muscle) synthesis, and can invoke injury.
Uppers (coke, speed, etc.) might be the best for both CNS and focus, but once you're a crack-head, don't plan on having any money left for good food...
Serotonergic psychedelics (tryptamines: lsd, shrooms, phenethylamines: mescaline, mdma) definately boost the CNS but destroy your focus.
Coricidin is completely stupid, and can kill you. Try Max Strength Robitussin instead, the preperation with just DXM. Though it might anesthisize the lactic acid burn, you could seriously injure yourself with a weight you can't feel. Stupid.
Opiods destroy motor control as well.

Personally, I wouldn't mess with anything, except caffeine and/or perhaps low-dose marijuana.

Don't pay too much attention to the posts that follow this one - but I'm actually that former psychonaut who's tried them all (and loved many)... and here come the DARE graduates -->


Lol, nice mix of truth and sarcasm. I stand corrected on the DARE graduate comment!