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Drug Users in Tested Meets: Should I Be Pissed?


Well that would explain a few things on my end


I’d be pissed. Especially since there are non-tested divisions and meets. Deciding to take PEDs is one thing but lifting in a tested meet/fed is an especially loser move. I had a similar experience last summer. It was my third meet and I had come in second and third in my first two meets. A guy who couldn’t have looked more like a stereotypical juicer won my class and pushed me out of a placing but wasn’t tested. He failed at his next meet and is now banned. I know it’s just a dumb medal but I’m a competitive personality and I followed the rules.


The bar in Indiana is low enough that I was able to make our spell bowl team that placed 3rd at States. Dumb Hoosier that I am, I misspelled “ileum”, the part of your intestine, as “ilium”, which is part of the hip bone. I let my teammates down bigly and brought great shame on my family that day.


Also, to stay on topic, you should totally record him talking about steroids. I don’t see any problem with them in an untested sport or meet, but that’s a total dick move.

Just wear one of these next time you go to the gym.


then you’ll just have to live with being pissed every single time you ever compete in a drug tested powerlifting meet, because it’s a near certainty that there’s at least one person cheating at every meet. Welcome to powerlifting.

no but at the end. it’s just a dumb medal. Period.

Just enter the ‘firefighter over 40 bench only’ or whatever division is empty next time. lol. get your dumb medal that way.


It’s a dick move to use in a tested fed. Most meets have nothing more on the line than a medal so the choice to use in a tested fed is akin to cheating at a game of monopoly. It just makes you a loser. Winning at a meet is about nothing more than self pride so cheating is really just about lying to yourself like a little kid.


They need more severe penalties for people who test positive. I can understand in other sports, but in PL you have the option to compete untested. Something like caning or chemical castration sounds appropriate.




Powerlifting seems to be popular in North America, so you guys might have a different pov, but are there enough untested meets to compete ?
I live in China, and while not having looked at it closely, I haven’t noticed any meet advertised, and hardly anyone powerlifting around. If one juice and are keen to compete, they might have to taper down their drug use to pass the test in a tested meet.
Obviously the argument doesn’t hold if they can compete untested several times a year without flying a 1000 miles.
Also I can see why the natties competing would be upset, but seeing the cycles some powerlifters advertise on the internet, one only using moderate/low amounts of drug might prefer to make the efforts to pass the drug test at a meet rather than pin themselves to oblivion and turn their liver yellow to be competitive in a tested meet.
Lastly, if one suck at PL but enjoy it, like i do, and if only the top 3 at a meet get tested, one might just take the same drugs as usual and compete for the sake of it. I guess nobody will be too upset, and it should be fun to compete.


Yes there are enough untested meets… If anything in North America there are allot of options . This is due to all the different federations that are still around .


My federation here in the UK literally runs them side by side at some events.

Tested guys have one platform, the untested guys have another one. At qualifiers they will all be mixed within the same flight, just a distinction on the score sheet, like weight class.


In one interview, Ed Coan (not necessarily the natty athlete’s favorite lifter) said there’s a difference between tested meets and federations and drug-free meets and federations. Tested just means timing the cycle properly is part of the game.

At the end of the day, live and die by your own convictions and choices. The only reason to be pissed, to me, is if you didn’t have access and the option to use the exact same substances. If it’s a choice that you’ve made, then own the consequences of your choice. I understand not using because of factors beyond a moral objection, but you’ll always have the guy that was able to do just a little more or is willing to risk just a little more.


Yeah I know one fed over here that does something like that. They have what they call a amateur and pro division . With the pro being untested.


Never did ask what fed is throwing the meet your entering?


Thats how it is here, british powerlifting union, BPU and then ABPU for amateur. It’s the UK’s WPC arm.


Most feds other than the IPF have both tested and untested divisions, although the only other one I know of that calls them “pro” and “amateur” is RPS. I don’t really like the idea of being considered an amateur for not using steroids, but I don’t let it get to me. I was always told that winners don’t use drugs, it was a lie.


I think he’s referring to how all the top lifters in the IPF back then were using steroids. The IPF was the only federation at one point and if you wanted to win you had to use drugs. That’s the situation with weightlifting in recent times, there is only one federation and it’s supposed to be drug free but people who came in 3rd or 4th place end up with gold medals after they test al the samples a few times.


My ex-wife misunderstood (she was full of malapropisms, this is just one example) the term ‘Jewwed down’ and used ‘chewed down’ to refer to making a deal with someone, and never understood why she got dirty looks from people, even after I explained it to her…


The UPA uses the same classifications. UPA-AD (AD for amateur division) is drug tested, and UPA is non-tested.

UPA does some wack stuff, IMO. Like their memberships are good for 1 day short of a year. They call it a 1 year membership, but I was DQd from a meet for not buying a new card because the meet was on the expiration date. Everyone but the UPA knows the last day you can use a coupon or certificate or membership is the expiration date.

Luckily the meet I usually compete in switched to USPA. I think they are a little better run.


YEP RPS was the one i was thinking of…