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Drug Users in Tested Meets: Should I Be Pissed?

Long story short, I’m competing in an upcoming drug tested meet, and I’m unsure how to feel about a situation involving people who cycle drugs and compete in untested meets, then competing in tested meets once drugs have passed through their system. I’ve been a natural weight lifter my whole life, and compete as such, but I have a gym mate competing in my same weight class, who cycles normally like and powerlifter really trying to compete in the upper levels, who could also take my numbers and smoke me like a cigar. I cant help but feel like this is wrong, but I wanted to ask what a consensus was. I could always drop a weight class down and have an easier time, but I also feel like I should stick to my guns and compete at 220 anyway, knowing I’d lose without a doubt. Just trying to seek consul from the board since I value outside thoughts on my internal struggle

No one can tell you how you should feel.


Hoosier hammer? By chance are you from indiana? Would this drug tested Meet be in March by chance?

Dob them into WADA

No, its coming up on Feb 9th my guy, but yes I am from Indiana haha

True, I know I feel kinda jipped by being guaranteed at best second place, but I just wondered what other people would do/think

*gypped, although the misspelling shows you don’t understand the bigotry behind the term, so there is that, haha.

I am drug free and compete against drug users. I figure I can always just get stronger.


If you don’t mind me asking what part do you hail from? But yeah there is a tested meet in March so that’s why I asked.

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Life’s not fair and there will always be cheaters. Just do your best

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Northern Indiana, Fort Wayne Area. Lots of strong, corn fed boys in this area haha trying to be one of them

Good to know… I’m from the south east part small town of Greensburg

  1. You can still win
  2. You have zero control of others actions
  3. Life’s unfair and people cheat. You can also cheat if you choose - eg. Crowbar to the knee after weigh-in
  4. What exactly is at stake here? Money? Fame? Handjob from the head judge?

I think you’ll find the effort and risk associated with doing something verse the reward you’ll get from any action makes this a no brainer. No need to let your ego do the thinking on this one.


What’s stopping you using too?


At this point? I just dont have the money/time to do it properly, and I kinda built up a reputation around being a non user. I dont really have qualms against using it, and in fact to get to the top tier of strength sports it’s practically nessecary. But it just wasnt ever for me, I have enough health issues as is haha

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You the real mvp man, I needed to hear that. Nothing is at stake that really matters. Some state records that will probably be broken in a month anyway. Who knows maybe he pulls a hamstring during squats lol

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Well you’ve missed the potential option that, unless they are getting pharma grade gear, they only ‘think’ the drugs will be out of their system. This requires timing the cycles based on half lives, doing this successfully means they have to get what they ordered and I understand this isn’t guaranteed. Half lives vary massively and some steroids will be detectable in your system for over a year. Best case scenario is cheater cheats and cheater gets caught.

That job title is misleading.


If they actually test people at this meet then there is chance that this person will get caught, and if not now then potentially in the future. Also if you feel so strongly about this you can snitch on them. I don’t care if people use steroids but I don’t support using steroids and competing in a drug-free division when there is an untested option.

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Hoosiers aren’t exactly known for our spelling or awareness of bigoted meanings behind terms.

They’ll feed ya good though, getcha real strong!


Fair enough. I wouldn’t worry about it then.