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Drug Tests

 Does anyone know if natural bodybuilding contests test for nandrolone?  Bill Roberts said the "nandrosol" could be in the system for many months.  Someone told me it is very costly to test for different anabolics.  I've never done a contest, and I am doing a natural one in two months.  Does anyone know how the piss test works at these shows?  

Ripped, What they do is give a lie detector test and most of the time that’s either randomized or just plain bullshit. I hear that if a winner or someone who places is questionable, then they’ll test but rarely. I must say however that you really should consider doing a non-tested show and let the “Naturals” have their own fun. I compete myself and this is going to be my first season on the sauce and I’m shooting for a couple of NPC shows. I don’t wanna be cheesy but , be a T-MAN and do the right thing! Peace, Brother.

most in my area, boston, have polygraphs over a seven years period

 From what I've heard, the polygraphs aren't accurate anyway.  If they have you failing a polygraph, they usually give you a urine test.  You should do the natural show.  Most of the guys will have taken the andro at sometime or another, and some there will be on other banned stuff anyway.  This T-man says do it!

The natural associations will tell you whether
they permit the prohormones or not. Some
do, and you may as well use them then. Others
do not. If you use them then you are cheating.
Hope you enjoy your victory, assuming you win.
Personally I’d think competing on an even
playing field would be more rewarding.

But anyway, as already said below, they generally do not do a urine test, only
a worthless polygraph.

By the way, here’s a good way to help
yourself beat the polygraph if you ever
need to. Interpret and “hear” each question
as being, “blah blah blah… is this a nice question?”

So if it is a nice question, you say very
sincerly, yes [that’s a nice question]. If it is NOT a nice question,
you very sincerely say, no [that’s not a nice question!]

Turn the questions away from yourself and
into a question about questions, and stress
responses will probably be less. Also do tricks such as clenching your ass or otherwise tensing
up and feeling deliberately nervous when they ask the “calibration” questions, such as whether you have ever taken any office supplies home. Now, if you say no to these, they
assume you are lying and whatever spike they
see is what they think your spikes are when
you lie. Little spike, then a little spike
later on in the test will be interpreted
as a lie… big spikes in the calibration
questions, and little spikes in the real
questions will be considered meaningless.