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Drug Tests


i am in the middle of a sustanon dbol cycle, and i have to give a drug test for a physical test with a police unit im
applying a career for....

initially i was just going to use someone else's urine, tape it to my inner thigh or something like that.

i have heard some rumours about passing the test.

motrin will effect the test the same way as steroids, alot of tylenol will effect it. but these all seem very childish to me

i do not do any drugs what so ever except for steroids, is there nothing i can do or is my best bet just to use someone else's urine?


Well if you use someone elses urine and get caught youre out. If you fail the test you are out. Why couldn't you wait til after you were on the force to start?

As far as masking agents I am not too sure. Maybe some other guys on here know more about those.

How long have you been using steroids and when is your urine test?

Personally I think all cops should be allowed to use but that is just my opinion.


I agree ..don't think the meth dealer is not working out and on something? I know so many thugs and shit that are all on something and training hard. And are pretty massive d00ds. If I was a cop I would not want to go toe to toe with them.


yea makes sense, the cop should be more powerful than the creature, i have been on for 5 weeks now, and my test is in less than a week

i started before i found out about the test so that was just a unlucky coincidence


Why u even worried? They won't even test for juice. Its way too expensive. The services don't test for it and neither do police departments, corrections, probation unless there is probable cause. Don't worry man!


I know I was in the Army and my friends are all cops and they never have problems. Hope that makes you feel better and if it doesn't look it up online!


You don't have a heck of lot of time but try to learn some specifics wrt the testing procedure. Online research on the department, new stories, policy manuals... whatever.

You should know what - if anything - you're really up against first before weighing any additional risks. I know that police officers are sometimes tested for AAS, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to administer a more expensive primary test to a bunch of recruits. They're going to be far more concerned with recreationals. Not saying that they can't or won't look for signs of exogenous test etc... but they might not.

Btw, I understand what you're saying but it comes across kind of funny when you call the motrin metabolite excuse childish while you propose taping urine to your leg :slight_smile:


General question:
When sports federations or whatever tests for PED's they need to do tests for each individual steroid, right?

You could stop the Dbol and have one less thing to worry about. Then you'd only have to worry about them doing a test for Test/Epitest ratio. I think that's the main way to test for synthetic testosterone use (of course I could be wrong though).

Still seems unlikely due to the cost and amount of tests being administered.


I personally think that epi test would be the first one the look for...

It is always possible to use steroids in drug tested events..

Look at asian BB's - they often dont get caught due to dilligence - most athletes know jack about doping so get caught when their trainer hands them Nandrolone or some such (Christie anyone?)..
I believe this is why they came down so hard on chambers (track) as he was caught using one that was 'designed' to be undetectable.. thus showing intent to deceive.

In the law this is worse than just committing a crime also - attempting to lie about it etc.

JMO :wink:

EDIT: My bad - i thought we were talking about a tested athlete..



I'll join the chorus and say that they will almost certainly not test you for steroids unless you were specifically told that this was going to be tested for.

Ronnie Coleman worked on the Arlington, Texas police force for years and years without getting tested. If a dept. doesn't want to waste the money to test him, I doubt they're going to spend the money to test every single recruit that makes it through the police academy.


sorry for the late reply, the test was nothing like i thought it would be, hundreds upon hundreds of applicants, very easy test, no drug tests, perhaps further down the road but none here, as i left without having to give a sample i was ecstatic


if he dropped the d-bol and kept going with the sustanon, how would they detect ...test through a typical drug test?

....dianabol with a 5-6 week detection time could that be caught on a piss test


If they think that they might hire you then you will be given a polygraph before you are hired and yes the steroid question will come up so unless you can beat a polygraph they will know so dont worry about the urine test.

The fact that you have done steroids might hurt you but it wont throw you out of the hiring pool. It will also depend on what level you are applying for whether it's city state or federal.