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Drug Testing


how long before a test should i stop takig test, eq and turnibol so i don't get a positive? it appears i will be tested next season a few times and am not looking forward to a positive?

i heard i could use detergent like tide and put on my fingers and drop some in the cup? not sure if it works but i hear talk of ppl doing it???

any help would ease my mind...

thanx brothers


Each drug will stay in your system for a different amount of time. I beleive test will be cleared in about 3 months and EQ in about 5 months. I'm unsure about Tbol, I think its detection time is rather long for an oral.


as far as the turin goes, it depends if its oral or depot.
I'm not positive on this but if I remember right, depot was 11-12 months and OT was something like 3-4 weeks.


depends on the type of test, but if it is a longer ester, then up to 5-6 months, about 3 months for prop. for the eq it could be up to 5 months. OT is 2-4 weeks, it should not take 11-12 months for injectible OT and i don't see why anyone would take it this way.


I'm going out on a limb here, but wouldn't OT be a bad choice for endurance sports? It would be counterproductive due to possible pumps, and at least would be not as productive as taking something better. For cycling you really wouldn't need much, nor would you want too much, AAS anyway. I've never taken OT, but I tried throwing in a small amount of dbol and my running went to shit. I would get back and calf pumps in the first couple minutes of running. Tren and masteron are other bad choices in this regard. Just stick to test and EQ, maybe get some EPO or something.


Slayer whats up brotha,
I wouldnt mess around with diluting or altering your urine, this is really a bad idea for a number of reasons. There are system cleansing drinks designed for aas, I believe they are a week long treatment but for one reason or another dont work for eq or Deca, not sure why, I dont have any experience with them. Have u considered using peptides or hgh instead of aas, it would be alot easier to get around the tests.

Good luck man


I'd love to know more about how to beat drug tests in regards to athletics, but it seems that this avenue of AAS information is very closely guarded.
Who would you go to for this kind of stuff? I guess those in the know are probably working in some kind of coaching position for their country's olympic/national teams.
A coach of mine used to compete and coach at the international level and he says that they got away with using all kinds of shit, but this was like 20 years ago, so it's not really much of a help today.


I have some info related to the NCAA, but it is pretty specific to one division of the ncaa and dont think it would carry over to alot of other orginizations.


What division would that be? I'm interested.


this was the first of year just doing test and eq at 200mg every ten days and had the best results from it ever. i also took almost 2 years off and did it at the begining of my season for 2.5 months and kept my fitness for most of the season. it was great. i had some epo but my buddy ended up using it. the test and eq seem to be the best combo i agree. just ask the 2006 tour de france winner :wink:

it seems test is the most widely used in cycling next to epo and growth.
is there any masking agents for just test and eq?


Cat3slayer, test and eq are very common in mma as well. If you dig up any information on masking agents for these, I would love to hear about it.
And Dean12345, if your info regarding that NCAA division somehow applies to what we're talking about, could you elaborate further? Thanks.



What I know is more procedural and not the actual use of masking or cleansing agents. But if your interested hit me with a PM.


Will do. PM on the way. Thanks Dean.