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Drug Testing

I know steroids aren’t usually included in pre-employment drug tests. Does anyone have any info about police officer drug testing, specifically a place like the LAPD? I figure at most they’d test for deca, d-bol, and winny. I would appreciate any info if anyone knows.

Not sure about the LAPD, but I was stationed in El Toro back in the day in the Corps., and they DID NOT test. Most employers I deal with (I’m in the medical field) test only for illicit recreational drugs, not juice, as the cost of the tests are much more expensive than regular drug tests.

No Gear Tests unless you give them a reason to test you. Even at the federal levels they still just do the standard class one UA

Thanks. The only other hurdle would be the lie detector test. I’ve got a prescription for test injections, so between that and some possible countermeasures I think I could wiggle around it if it came up. Anyone every have a lie detector test? I got some books on interrogation methods and countermeasures, but I’m still weary of the possibilities.

Lie detectors tests are a joke if you’re intelligent. After mine, the investigator looked at me and said “well, you either always tell the truth or you’re the best liar I’ve had in here.” I stood up said, “Thanks” and walked out.

too expensive to test for roids , jus make sure u get blood work done before you get tested coz im sure they will do a normal blood test for you health and im sure they might come across low test levels if u jus come off a cycle and make sure ur liver is at normal coz orals can increase the levels , u dont wanna give them the impression u have hep or hiv or something

My county didn’t take blood tests