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Drug Testing




the answer is yes and its your responsibility to know what u gotta do when applying to one of those companies. Its not common but it happens, especially for govt. jobs from what i have heard. however i have no experience lol


As dave said its highly unlikely for most jobs. In the province I live is just about every job here has a pre employment drug test. I dont know of a single company off the top of my head that includes AAS in their testing.


The cost of testing AAS is quite expensive and is done completely differently from recreational barbs, herbs, narcotics etc...


The cost of an IOC standards test is in the 10,000 range- a friend of mine spoke with Dick Pound once and that is what he said.

So you can be sure that you will not be tested for performance enhancers.

potential employers only screen for drugs like marjuiana, cocaine, amphetamenes, barbituates, and opiods... and possibly an alcohol level, so don't choose the night before the test to go out and get tanked lol.

on the side though some cheaper performance enhancing tests only screen for the most common compounds such as winstrol, anavar, anadrol, dbol, boldenone, nandrolone (19-nor) trenbolone e.t.c.

But again, these test still cost approaching $1000.00 more or less, so an employer is not going to waste that kind of money.

instead, if you look like a total juice head, the employer has the decresion not to hire you if they don't like your appearance. That is totally up to them.


Of course, that would never be made public..! There will have been someone else who was legitimately better 'qualified'