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Drug Testing While on Parole


Hi guys I’m currently on Parol and they can drug test me at anytime really and ideas on how to get around a steroid test? I’d imagine it’s unlikely they would test me for steroids but I’d like to play it safe? Can you get test suspension out of your system even quicker? Also it’s only urine! Thanks


if they test you for it you’re fucked. No way around that.

Pretty unlikely they’ll test you for that though, unless your charges were steroid related to begin with


How long is your parole? Can you just train without roids until it’s over?


They only test for st drugs as far as I know. Never heard of anyone I know failing due to juice. Just to be safe Id stick with test or hgh not something that leaves any chems in piss
Doubt they blood test you… when I was on parole it was just piss but now days they got patchs bracelets and all kindsa shit to get ya caught up… might be best just to stay naty & free…no point being swole & jerkin in cell eating ramen


My Parol is for 2 years! I think I have something like 24hrs to get there if they call me up from what I’ve read some people say test suspension is out in a day others say 3 so it’s a tough one don’t wonna be natty for 2 years!!


Alright for the sake of argument post your stats and your lifts, your diet with cals & macros and ypur training program.

Also what are your goals? Do you want a 2,000 lb total? Do you want to look like a bad ass? How much slower will being natty for 2 years get you to those goals?

For me (and I know everyone is different) I won’t even consider roids until I can hit 3 reps with:
2/3/4/5 plates

That’s arbitrary and doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me. In my opinion only serious lifters should be pinning drugs, and I won’t consider myself a serious lifter till I can hit those numbers. What is the “serious” line for you?

Also actions have consequences. Your PO has the right to search your place at any time right? If you are busted either buying or in possession of schedule 3 drugs on parole you get to live in a cage again for years. They shouldn’t be schedule 3 but they are. Is more strength and bigger biceps worth that risk to you?


drug and steroid test are different, unless they specifically test for testosterone and specific compounds within your blood your fine…


Bro I was on parole and doing a test/ decca cycle. They would only find a high test level (if they even test…which they don’t) and how are they gonna say oh your test level is 5 points higher than normal your using AAS instead of prohormones? I was fine thru the whole thing. Just watch those home visits and don’t have lose lips.