Drug Testing Explained


I read T-Mag, but never posted.

I see lots of posts lately from drug tested athletes, so I decided to explain a method which one Russian coach and few lifters told me at European Championship where I was few times.

These guys pass the test after test, and their results are pretty impressive, like 660 bench at 220 pounds, 525 bench at 165 etc. All under IPF, tested, single ply equipment.

First, they stick with propionate, suspension and D-bol (Russian Methan).

They run 16 week cycles, with 4-8 weeks rest. Mostly 4 weeks rest and only because of testing.

I cannot post their entire program, so PM me if you want it.

They start 20 weeks out of meet time
First 8 weeks they use enanthate at 500mg every 5th day (they stop 12 weeks before meet), then they switch to propionate at 100mg every other day (stop 6 weeks before meet).
They start using 5g of D-bol per ten kg of bodyweight at 10th week for 6 weeks, and stop 4 weeks before meet. After stopping propionate (6 weeks out) they continue with suspension at 50mg ED till 2 weeks out (it’s used 4 weeks total).

THEY DON’T USE HCG, NOLVA, CLOMID, ETC. I don’t know why, but Russian coach told me they use a gram of Vit. E, coupled with 4 grams of Tribestan every day when they’re not on the juice.

They just use something to protect their livers.

So, based on this clearance times for:
Enanthate - 12 weeks
Propionate - 6 weeks (it’s probably shorter)
D-Bol - 4 weeks (you can get away with 2)
Suspension - (2 weeks)

at dosages they use. Larger dosages (especially of longer lasting esters) will take longer.

Some of them are totally clean for 4 weeks before meet, and their coach told me the importance of planning their training (tapering) when they’re off. They usually keep everything they gained, but they don’t have enough time to lose it, when they’re only 4 weeks clean.

I don’t know if I explained this well, so post comments.


Its a lot easier when there isn’t any random testing going on :).