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Drug Testing at Meets


I am wondering if when they test at meets if they test for your t level or the actual drug. I was diagnosed with low t several years ago. I was told that I had the t of a 75 year old man. I have been taking a low dose of test for a few years and want to join a meet but I am worried that they will test for the drug and not what my t is at. Very unfortunate because I would still probably be on the lower range compared to other lifters.


Compete in a untested Fed…


The difference in how much people lift in tested and untested is not small.


yes the difference can be large, but that not the point… Its considered Bad form to compete in a truly tested Fed when your on even low doses…
First off what do you mean by low does and what is your current T level?
Second what Fed do you plan on lifting in? What age class teen…Junior…open…submaster or Master?
I know one Drug Free Fed that has a medical wavier which has to be signed by a physician, the thing is ones test level can not exceed a certain level. BUT any records one sets are not counted.


Are you going to set a world record? Anyway, there are some guys in the IPF who pass drug tests and set all time world records, surpassing untested federations as well.

There is a word for trying to beat a drug test, it’s CHEATING. Just do what you can, nobody cares if you’re not as strong as them.


[quote=“zsisco, post:1, topic:227281, full:true”]
I am wondering if when they test at meets if they test for your t level or the actual drug[/quote]
There is T/E ratio, total testosterone (by some measurement, I’m not sure), and a whole list of drugs that includes all forms of exogenous testosterone.

Why not throw some masking agents into the mix? It’s a gamble one way or another.


Exactly…in most meets ive been to guys will cheer for the weakest guy on the platform if the lifter is giving it his all.


Yep, until you are at an elite level you are basically just competing against yourself. There’s not a lot of prestige in winning a local meet anyway.


Good info there.

I am on 80mg of test cyp a week. My levels usually range from about 520 to 650. My doctor and I have discussed keeping my range between 500-750. I would be in the open division and have not looked into a fed yet. More of just a general question.


So your level are middle of the road and not extreme… still would advize doing a non tested fed


Which Feds are untested? I was looking around my area and only seen tested events.

Thanks in advance bull


What country are you in? If you are in the US then there are a lot of feds that are either untested or have untested divisions (usually called “pro” as opposed to the tested “amateur” division). Off the top of my head, RPS, WPC (whatever the US affiliate is), GPC, IPA, IPL, SPF, USPF, USPA.

I live in Canada, in my case I would have to go out of town if I wanted to do an untested meet because the only ones here in Ottawa are an IPF-affiliated fed. To tell you the truth though, I have never seen anyone get tested at a local meet. Now they have a rule that if you set a provincial or national record you get tested, there is supposed to be random testing too plus if you make insane progress in a short time they will go after you. If you are not really above average then there is a very low chance of being tested. You can always refuse and get banned too. Personally, I would look for an untested meet if I was you.


Thanks for taking the time Chris. You’re right brother. I really am only doing it for myself so I guess it doesn’t matter whether I am at an untested event.


Another thing, since it’s low doses prescribed by a doctor then you might be able to get a therapeutic use exemption. Anything to do with IPF or WADA will not allow HRT, but I don’t know about other feds. Might be worth looking into.


This. Check with the head of testing for the fed in which you want to compete. It’s generally a question that comes up more with master lifters (lower t) but each federation should have a protocol in place since it’s not exactly an outlandish question or situation.


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