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Drug Tested Strongman Competition


for all the UK readers there is a drug tested strongman competition occuring on the 9th of august in cheshunt.

events include
180kg axle deadlift for max reps in 75sec
350kg tyre max flips in 75secs
log press - raising weight last man standing
farmers walk with 100kg per hand
25 meter carry medley

anyone interested email me at glen@monstermuscle.co.uk


I would find out how indepth they test. Unfortunately most lifters will stop the AAS just long enough to piss clean.


Either my understanding of half lifes or yours is way off base....


All sports are like this though man. I am a pro strongman, but am also in the Air Force so I get tested quite a bit. I wouldn't take anything, but I also don't care if someone else does. It will never guarantee victory out there, especially in strongman when conditioning and technique are just as important as anything else.

If you look at a lot of the olympic lifters from many of the Eastern European countries you will see that there are a lot of obvious users. If anyone thinks Ilya Illin is drug free they are insane, infact if he is drug free I will eat my hat!


Id be interested... Gives me something to work towards.

I just recently pulled 180kg for 10 clean... probably could get close to 15 if hitch is allowed and i can take a breath..

Could probably do the farmers quite well, No idea about log.. and dont really know about tyre...

Any info on medley?




any one else considering it?


How exactly does one become a pro strongman drug free? I would never in a million years think that someone who could make a "living" (haha I guess win money since strength sport athletes are either under paid or not paid at all) being a strongman without using.

Wouldn't that be comparable to a natural bodybuilder making it to the Arnold or the O?


Haha! No man it isn't what you think. There are very few guys that do this sport for a living. They are the true pros. There is a way to win your pro card though in the US by winning pro qualifiers and thus separating the best guys out into their own class so that the level of competition is then higher and will create the best of the best so to say. This is how we found Derek Poundstone and Travis Ortmayer.

I am also in the 105kg category. We use a lot of the same weights, but we all weigh 105kg. The competition in this class is fierce because there are just plain more guys in the US in this weight range. Plus in this class you can't just gain more muscle to get stronger, you have to get better and faster, or have more endurance to win. It really is a lot of fun.

I have always been drug free. I know I will never win the WSM or anything like that, I am just too light, but I know I am strong enough to move those weights and compete with the best in my weightclass. Check out americanstrongman.com it has our pro info out there. Mine hasn't been updated in years, but it has some info.