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Drug Tested IPF Affiliate Meets in UK?

Serious question: in the UK, do the IPF affiliate meets actually drug test? Those like open events - for instance the South East Open or the Yorkshire North East Open?

They all say they drug test, but I went to a local mock meet today and there was no drug testing to be seen. Ironically the two guys that blew everyone away (they also packed on a shit ton more lean mass given their frames in comparison to the natties that also weighed the same had similar heights), I spoke to them after, and they told me they just take stuff for the local meets because they never test for them and they are not interested anyways in going to national/international level meets.

Is this usually how it works at local meets in terms of the stance on drug testing? If you wanna blow people away at local meets, just hop on the gear?

A mock meet isn’t going to drug test, because it isn’t a meet.

But its still a meet tbh.

What about local level meets and open meets? In comparison to national and international level events.

It isn’t. It’s a mock meet. What makes it mock is the fact it’s not beholden to the rules and regs of the fed, as it’s a non-sanctioned event.

Drug testing can happen at the local level. Just depends on the promoter.

Mock meets are generally fun, unsanctioned meets ideal for beginners who want to get a feel for how sanctioned meets are run. Lifts and totals aren’t tracked and can’t be used to either set records or to qualify for championship meets. They wouldn’t be drug tested because they have no official standing.

As to whether open meets have much drug testing done, it depends on how your IPF affiliate budgets their drug testing money.

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Was this a mock drug-tested mock meet?


Are you sure you’re using the term “mock meet” correctly?

“Mock meet” in my experience means a competition that is not under the sanction of a governing body. There are no rules other than what the organizers present come up with. For example, I can put on a mock meet and say that you only have to go half way down on your squats for them to count (though this might cause some confusion with the WPO). Or I can have a mock meet and say “instead of selecting your own attempts, you have to pick a number out of a hat and try to lift whatever is written on it”. The rules can literally be whatever you want.

Now, if you don’t actually mean a mock meet, but instead just mean a local level IPF affiliate meet, then yes these meets should be held to the same standards as the governing body.

It was a mock meet. They made their own rules.

Okay so just to clarify, your saying guys you talked to at a mock meet (not IPF affiliate) told you that they use even when they compete in IPF affiliate meets, because they don’t drug test? Are you sure the “local meets” they were talking about are IPF affiliate meets? I have no experience with other countries but I’m pretty sure the USAPL (USA IPF affiliate) is pretty strict with testing top performers even at local level meets.

I did several CPU meets (Canadian IPF affiliate) and never saw anyone get drug tested at a local meet. At least over here they have a list on their site of all the people who got tested and whether they pass or fail, not sure about other countries.

This I find unfortunate. Several local meets and never any drug testing.

I’ve done four USAPL/IPF meets so far, all at the state level and I’ve seen more than a few tested at each. I think it’s around 10% at each meet. In fact a guy that finished ahead of me at a meet a little over a year ago failed a test at the next meet and is now banned.

Appreciate how expensive drug testing is and the rationale makes sense.

Even if the mock meet was put on by the IPF, they arent going to spend annual budget on testing at a meet that, as far as the GBPF is concerned, doesn’t count for anything,

They will test at regional meets since those events feed into the national and international meets but the testing will be targeted since, as mentioned, WADA compliant testing is bloody expensive.

WPC policy is to test 10% of lifters, i suspect there will be a similar target % for IPF.

If you are worried about not seeing drug testing going on, come compete in ABPU, I’ve been tested a couple of times in the last 2 years.

The only time I ever got tested was at a WPC meet.

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