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Drug Test?

im considering the maximus stack (halodrol 50, orastan e, and novadex xt) which ive already purchased. the one thing i didnt think about was my probation and if it will cause a false positive on a drug test (sucks being a felon).

i cant find any info on this so anyone who actually knows what their talking about would be appreciated.

also as i mentioned in my other post im playing college football next year and i know halodrol is ncaa banned. how long does it stay in your system if tested and is there any products that clear it out?

As far as I know they are going to test you for marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, opiates, meth/amphetamines and possibly barbituates… Not Roids

I agree with muscle_mike. They are not testing for steroids. Those products are progestins that aren’t currently illegal.

are you fucking serious? Those products he is using are progestins??

does anyone know how long halodrol stays in your system though? bc i was told it will show up on a sports drug test. i cant find how long it takes to clear.

I am 99% sure NCAA will test for performance enhancing drugs. Who knows how long oral D-Bal will stay positive?

Can any 1 tell me what Sheriffs, and State Police test for? I was thinking they wouldnt be testing for Steroids with out a reason 2. Also i know alot of huge MMA fighters and several bodybuilders are cops, so maybe thats my answer.

My buddy is a cop, and I believe he is only tested during intial tests, which may be for everything under the sun. Then when you are on probation for your first year or so, you may be up for randomized testing. After that unless you screw up, you should be ok.