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Drug Test

Hey fellow T-Nationers
Just started an OT cycle with some injectable test enanthate. I got a call the other day about a job and I am sweating the drug test now. Do most companies test for the juice or does the juice require something other than a 10 panel because I know a 10 panel doesn’t test for anabolics. Anyways please let me know so that I may sleep better at night. Oh yeah the BD oral turanabol with the Iranian test is everything I had imagined!

I personally know many people that have had a drug test and have had no issues with being on gear at the time. However it may be differnt with the test that you are on and where you live.
See Ya

Thank you good SIR! I don’t think it will be an issue but, I just want piece of mind and I believe you just gave me some.

Just don’t eat any poppy seeds before you go or do any other drugs and you should be alright. I’m not sure what kind of drug tests they give in Finland, but in the US they don’t normally test for steroids.

I was drug tested for my current job and get pop test every 4 months. I have never tested positive for gear on any test and was on a heavy cycle when I got the first one. Sustanon and d-bol. 99% of all job are looking for narcotics in your system not steroids because it is more expense to do a gas chromatigram (bad spelling) You should be fine, when you sign the release it should tell you exactly what they are testing for by law. Disclosure law.