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drug test

Can steroids be detected through work related drug test?

No, it cannot unless they test for roids, which would be the first.

steroids are extremely expencive to test for, since you have to test for each and every possible drug, individually

That’s not quite true. They can do what’s referred to as a “ratio test” comparing your test levels which will definitely be out of whack if you’re taking anything. Most places aren’t testing for roids though unless you happen to be a cop or a fireman and they’re just out to make an example this month.

Yah but the ratio test is easy to mask.

Prisoner #22, just out of curiousity how would you mask a ratio test. And what kind of time frame would you need beforehand.

Yeh the British Army warn that AAS users will get caught if taking roids because of the CDT (compulsory drug tests) but they don’t even look at test ratios let alone individual steroids.
A friend of mine in the Paras juices on exercise just to stay awake and he’s never been caught in 7 years!

cops and firemen are not tested any differently then any other state employeee. that is a rediculous statement. that comes from first hand experience. and the ratio test is not a conclusive test of anything. hell, if your have a hormone imbalance, the test is flawed from the outset. this would provide zero evidence of exo test injections. think before you make these comments people! the real answer is no. unless you are an athlete, or work a job that may predispose you to steroid use, it is highly unlikely you will be tested. steroid tests are very expensive and each chemical must be tested for. i am an employer of 20 people who all drive company vehicles for work. i am required to have them drug tested annually. i am absolutely not required, under state and federal law to have steroids tested for. i asked my doc out of curiosity how much a typical steroid test would cost. she said thousands.

as far as the ratio test. couldnt you just say oh yeah im using mag-10? since they dont test for specific drugs.

and no, police departments dont test you unless maybe they suspect it. but they can ask you on the polygraph if you have used.

PS. one time i was filling out an app for the sacramento, otherwise known as excremento police department. there was a drug use questionarre, and it asked: have you ever used any intraveneous steroids. i laughed my ass off and circled no!

lol pdog. that one question says volumes about those idiots.

Are you still trying to be a cop P-Dog? Once you get in the ranks and arre behind that blue wall, you can do pretty much anything and get away with it, sadly for most of us.

Im curious too…Ive always kept lame ass Anrdo and such lying around…Plus I keep a halfway used bottle of Mag-10 just in case…Just so when they test me I could bring in a freakin trash bag full of suplements and say “here this is what I take” and let them figure out rather Im juicing or not…Anyone have any first hand experience?

Ive spoken with a representative from the largest drug testing company in the US. They do the testing for approximately 90% of the Fortune 1000. The most complete test they do is a 10 panel test which basically tests for the usual rec drugs…coke, heroin, pot, etc. SO no worries about AAS.

nah i dont want to be a cop anymore guys. to fucking risky! i just want to shoot roids and pound iron, oh and dry hump.

lmao. a steroid shooting, iron pounding, dry humping teacher! what a nut.

ill tell you one thing…i aint the only one!