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Drug test?

I’m concerned some supplements may show positive results when I’m tested. Anyone know of a drug test I can take before a meetto assure I won’ttest positive?


may show positive results for what?

(since i guess different sports / meets have different regulations on such stuff).

if you know what substances you are worried about then it would be much easier to look into what tests test for those substances… i think testing is pretty expensive (which is why it isn’t done more frequently), however.

again what sport?

If PL, what fed?

And what are you taking that you are worried about? If you are doing pro-hormones, and trying to compete somewhere tested, then you are lying to yourself, you are taking legal steroids. Just ones with worse side effects than the pharmaceutical ones.

If you are worried about things on the WADA list, then don’t compete where they do WADA level testing. Simple as that.