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Drug Response Factors

How individualized really are the responses to a given drug? What are the factors that determine this?

I seem to take a long time to respond to a compound based on what I read from others.

The most recent example is my cycle of Methyl 1-t (20mgs ed), a supposed fast acting compound, and topical fina/4-ad (140 mgs ed fina and 600mgs 4-ad pre-conversion). It’s now 2 weeks in and today was the FIRST day I’ve had significant breakthroughs in the gym.

This has also been my history with other stuff… sometimes not til the 3rd or 4th week do things START to take off.

Does just extending the cycle (from 4-6-8 weeks) become one’s course of action in these cases?

Thanks for hearing it out!

What was the source of the M-1-T you took? Could be a dud.

what is your dietary intake? if you’re dieting then it might be understandable. although I just finished a week of M1T @ 20mg ed and gained 7lbs w/ strength through the roof, so even if calories were low I think you would still see something. (I am very impressed w/ the M1T, btw)

Everybody responds differently to the same drug. Most people will start seing results after the third week, while others see results after the 10th day. Some people get “deca-dick” if they use deca while others(the minority) don’t. Some people prefer Propionate while other prefer the long-esters like enanthate or sustanon. You get the message. You need to experiment in order to know what works for you and you alone.