drug laws

For anyone qualified to answer,

My gf’s parents are potheads. They smoke up at home, in the car everywhere. My gf however has never touched the stuff, she is however in contact with is all the time. If they are pulled over in the car and caught with the pot, what will happen to my gf? she is 20, so I guess she is responsible for herself but there’s not really much she can do about stopping her parents. Also, will she test postive if ever given a drug test? I’m not sure if pot changes your hair or it is just the smoke that gets absorbed in it causes a postive test result. Thanks for the help.

In most states, as long as the pot’s on the parents, it’s them who goes down… not your girlfriend. If they’re in her car, she could get in trouble ie: possession charge and car impounded. It’s not too likely that she’ll get into any trouble though. Most of the time, as long as the parents tell the police that it isn’t hers, she gets off. She might get arrested anyway but nothing would stick.
However it would happen, she would be smarter not to ride with them at all but that goes without saying and I’m sure you’ve thought of that too.
As far as drug tests go, contact high is a myth. Hair tests are so expensive that almost no one uses them. She’d probably get a GC test. The Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectometry scan uses particle-bombardment and a positive-ion read by a spectrometer. It’s the mid-range test of choice for corporations and athletic bodies, way less expensive than chromosomatic breakdowns of hair samples, but–as long as environmental controls on the hardware’re strictly observed–more comprehensive and reliable than the older E.M.I.T. and Abuscreen/RIA urine tests.
I’ve gotten this GC scan numerous times and never come up “hot” and my sister smokes like a chimney.

It shows up in the hair, not on it. I don’t know if second hand levels are enough to get a positive but I suspect they aren’t most of the time.

She’s an adult, they’re adults. Each can make their own lifestyle choices.

That’s good to hear, thanks for the reply

What kind of parents would be caring pot in a car while their daughter is a passenger? Or smoking pot in front of their daughter?

Call CrimeStoppers, turn them in, get a reward.

I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen your parent drink a beer or two? The girl is 20, she’s old enough to smoke dope with her parents if she wants. If she grew up in their house and doesn’t smoke dope I guess the theory that pot smoking parents will ruin their kids doesn’t always hold up either. Just because something is against the law doesn’t automatically make it such a big deal. Big Macs are legal and they’re more deadly than marijuana if eaten more than moderately. I guess we could all just eat clean, drink distilled water, and spend half our time meditating with our finger in our belly button too. We probably won’t live longer but it sure will seem like it.

The fact that is illegal is what makes it a big deal. Great parents to knowingly involve their daughter in a possible legal problem. I’ve seen a longtime boyfriend allow his girl to be jailed because he wouldn’t fess up that the pot in his car was his. I don’t care if it ever get’s legalized, but right now it’s not. Her parents don’t deserve the title.

I’m not supporting driving while stoned or anything stupid like that but lots of things are against the law. I smoke dope, my kids (now 17 and 19) know it and have for a long time. We never smoked it in front of them but we never made it a big secret either. We’ve discussed it, they went through the Hitler Youth…I mean DARE program which urges kids to turn in their drug using (pronounced addicted in their lingo) parents. The kids decided for themselves that us smoking a bowl every couple of weeks wasn’t really a problem. My daughter tried it for the first time in college and just like everything else she does it in moderation. To be honest she likes rock climbing better. If you are dumb enough to be so irresponsible to get caught (cops don’t go out of their way to bust users of pot)I suppose you’re equally poor at parenting and would let your kid take the punishment that should under the law be destined for you. Surprisingly enough a lot of my friends smoke pot on occasion. Some have kids, some don’t. They all have jobs. Most have college degrees, a few have their doctorate. None have ever been in trouble with the law despite their long years of criminal activity. They’ve all been positive role models for our kids. You might not agree but our kids think we are great parents, and honestly that’s the opinion that means something to me. Have a good day.

Yeah, I’m not really much of a fan of her parents. I don’t know how my gf turned out as good as she did. Her family smokes it at the dinner table like it is nothing. Personally I hate drug users. It is against the law, and to say it’s victimless means that people are either incredibly stupid or just selfish. I know a lot of people in various forms of law enforcement. Most crimes are drug related, people who are doing there jobs to protect us are being killed so some drug lord can get make a buck. Not to mention all the military personnel that have to do drug intradiction (sp) and end up getting killed. People should think about that next time they buy something in the US.

Hey I have no problem with people self modulating there consciousness and mood with exogenous agents, as long as its a conscious choice and their not just hitting the lever like a trained rat,

but having contraband in a car is about a stupid as you can get, as it a primary nexus of relationship for authority to seize you

I have no problem with people taking risks that affect only themselves. When you start taking drugs into your daughter’s car, you are saying that you care more about the drugs than the daughter. Period.

I must agree with Josh. With the strick anti-drug laws she is in for a very rough ride before it is over. The costs alone are very large, even if your are innocent. Many companies ask if you have ever been arrest for a crime, not if you have ever been convicted of a crime. She would be safer if she can afford to to be out on her own. Best of Luck.

Dude your a retard. You smoke dope, an it shows. The DARE program does NOT encourage kids to turn in their parents AT ALL!! It’s a great program, that not only focuses on drugs, but also kids self-esteem, and gangs…I’m sorry for calling you a name, I really am, but your obviously unaware of what really happens in the DARE program. As far as the dude and his problem with his GF. Have her move. She is old enough to be on her own, and its doing her no good staying with her doped out parents. If she is in a car that has weed in it, she is probably going down, even if its not hers. Cops here that all the time “its not mine” and its complete BS, so there would be no real reason to believe your girlfriend…

DARE sucks. They told us cocaine was a depressant. They lied about steroids. My favorite DARE adventure was when I was “taken aside” and asked if my parents had been abusing me. You see, we had this little “anonymous dropbox” where you could drop off little questions you didn’t want to ask in front of the rest of the class. I guess the poor kid that was getting whooped used a test paper of mine (with my name on the back) to write his question. Well, that wasn’t the DARE officer’s fault, but still I reiterate: DARE sucks.

You can see the American anti-drug brainwashing techniques have worked by reading some of these posts.

1st off the DARE program most certainly encourages kids to RAT on their parents!!! Go fuck yourself if you think any different. My buddy is a teacher and was disgusted when those fucking pigs came to talk to his class. He said it was an interrogation. And you say a pot user is stupid…Did you know that John Hopkins university did a study of 15 year habitual pot smokers…after 15 years the pot smokers had lost 1.7 percent of their “supposed cognitive ability” the non-pot-smokers lost 2.4 percent of their “supposed cognitive ability.” Now stupid is letting someone else make up your mind for you. ie, cops, they enforce laws blindly. For a person to make a living out of “up holding the law” is stupid. What ever happened to right and wrong? If the people who thought massive amounts of protein were bad for you were able to they would make it illegal for you to buy designer whey. They would be saving you from damaging your kidneys…Do little digging and you will find that this country would have exactly ZERO formidable enemies without illegal drugs. That is fucking right. this country would not need to defend itself so much if we just let everyone grow there own shit, that includes Tabacco, weed, Cocca leaf and opium…Oh but wait, huge drug companies would go out of biz, but so would the Terrorists and the communists. Americans could spend their money on better things, because the price of drugs would be irrelevant, oh but then we wouldn’t have much need for alcohol would we??? but that is legal and doesn’t hurt anyone. It really boggles my mind that some of you ignorant fucks out there still want to save everyone from themself, let alone the whole marajuana is bad for you thing, that is just a joke. I would much rather be on a bus where the driver was stoned than on a bus where the driver had just taken 3 MD6’s. marajuana does not affect your hand eye coordination so much as to impair motor skills. ie, the reason it is banned from the olympics, it enhances the ZONE. Don’t bother replying to me cause I won’t come back to read anything you haters have to say. You have already been given more of my knowledge than you deserve. To all my Liberal T-man Brothers/Sisters…it is all these dick heads that make us the upper echelon of society. One must have a serf mentality to be a serf. Further more, stay outside the moat Serf.

Okay, Boys and Girls listen-up. The medical safety of a drug does not matter. Period. What matters is the major mess you are going to make of your life it you get catch. PERIOD.
The current laws are in place. If you do not like the laws then use our system to change them. PERIOD. Unless you are so wealth and so famous that it does not matter. (Like a certain black female singer who keep getting busted for pot in her purse at airports. If she had any brains she would dump them before she got to the airport{and some of you still insist that pot does affect you reasoning abilities. Hrump} If she really cared, she would used her wealth and fame to make changes in the laws. So smoke if you want, but remember if you get caught it was your choice. PERIOD. RISK vs REWARD.

“…cops, they enforce laws blindly.” They’re suppossed to. Do you really want the guy with the gun making up laws on the spot? No, he is suppossed to uphold the law’s our ELECTED officials pass. “For a person to make a living out of “up holding the law” is stupid.” Yeah, because we all know you’re going to spend you’re time catching rapists, murderers, burglars etc. What is stupid about hiring people to uphold the laws our ELECTED officials enact? I don’t give a damn if pot is illegal or not. However, your priorities are completely fucked if you can’t see the benefit in having sworn officers upholding laws just because you want to smoke some pot and can’t.

I think pot should legalized like tobacco and alcohol. I also think anyone that smokes pot or cigs is an idiot. It’s your body to what you will but don’t expect the rest of us to pay for it. If you smoke why should you expect to be treated for the accompanying problems on someone elses dime? Why do you need to escape reality by getting high anyway? Is your life that bad? What kind of bodybuilder smokes pot? When you buy pot where do you think the money goes? Do you like supporting organized crime? You know bikers and other scum like that. At least with legalization we would take some money away from the criminals. This girls’ parents are morons, kinda like D_End. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.