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Drug Interaction Question


So I started taking 200mg/d of Minocycline. It's an antibiotic that has been prescribed in an effort to clear up cystic acne that I have developed within the last 4 months. I'm blaming the acne on nandrolone. I have no other reason than because it's the only new drug I've used and prior to using it I had perfectly clear skin. The acne really only started during PCT but that's happened before and cleared up within a week of stopping the nolva, in the past.

Ok, anyway, on to my question.

I was planning on using 30mg/d of dbol at some point during the cycle I am currently on. Yes, I understand that being on a cycle while trying to clear acne may not be the best idea but I've never gotten acne on cycle in the past.

What I want to know is how to judge the risk of liver stress if I were to use both drugs (the dbol and the antibiotic). I understand that duration of use is usually more of an issue than total dose. My doc wants me on the antibiotic for a month and depending on the results I may stay on it longer (which likely will the case) or I may stop it. If I decide to use the dbol I will be using it for a month starting on September 27th.

I'm actually leaning towards not using the dbol, because getting 'too big' is sadly an issue right now. I'd still like to know what I'm dealing with when it comes to using both drugs at the same time.


It is highly unlikely to be the Nandrolone as it has significantly lower androgen activity at the sebaceous gland AR (as dihydronandrolone, but even if a 5a-r i is used, nandrolone is still less active than DHT).

As for liver stress it is not just duration of use but both duration AND dose. So if the dose is high enough of a hepatoxic drug, then a single dose is enough to cause liver failure (i have not heard of this with ANY methylated steroid but is just an example of it being the case).

But if you are using a toxic drug then the longer you stay on, the longer the liver is damaged and cannot recover.. ie. chronic liver toxicity - like alcohol use.

I would not use the dbol - not because you are getting 'too big' but because you cannot 'judge' chronic liver damage and it will simply become a problem or not - by which time it is too late.

Not to mention that adding more androgen to an existing problem is likely to be a mistake.


Thank you

btw for anyone interested, the antibiotic combined with a topical treatment has already started improving my skin. It's been a few days and inflamation is way down.


Where was the acne, on your face or back, or both?


Nothing on my face.

This thread actually doesn't matter at this point. I'm not continuing the cycle at all. Not due to the acne though.


What topical treatment are you using? I am having similar backne issues.


Duac gel. That's the brand name


By the way, how do you guys tell when your liver is stressed anyways? Forgoing bloodwork, any tell tale symptoms?


You turn yellow.

There is no way to tell UNTIL the damage has been done.

This is why you need to try to avoid any damage at all as you just dont know how advanced the damage has become in your body.

For one guy they can drink alcohol and run alkylated steroids for 20 years before getting into trouble.
For the next, just 2 years of binge drinking will cause the same amount of damage.

LFT are very important if you use alkylated steroids.


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