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Drug Deals at School

  I was waiting for my next class to start when I noticed two large women talking about 5 feet away from me. One of the women was holding an empty box for a slice of pizza purchased at my schools food court. The ladies were talking about adderol a prescription drug used to combat ADD and ADHD. Is the same as riddalyn. The drugs are an enmphedmine, and work the same way that meth does. The lady leading the conversation was talking about how it helped her loose her holiday pounds she gained form Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The other lady said it would help her do the same and she asked how to acquire the drug. The other lady said she still had some and would sell it to her. The two women shortly after walked away and I was left in shock. Has obesity become such a problem that doing drug deals in the hall is becoming acceptable? What do you think? I think it is crazy!


I'm not particularly fond of fatties, so I have no quibble with this.


people take drugs without a prescription? lord have mercy i never thought id see the day


Haha, wow. Ignorance is bliss.


dont let that black bouncer find out they're selling drugs


Adderol is a hell of a drug...

Have a sense of humor though, that shit is fucking funny dude. Let them fat bitches take their diet pills and stay awake for days at a time. Why do you care? I find that to be a more disturbing issue.

If you wanna be drug free, god bless you. You take care of your body and other people will do the same. Stop sticking your nose in other peoples collective assholes.


It's none of your business...

  1. Adderall.
  2. Amphetamine (technically Addrall is d-amphetamine and amphetamine together).

Surprised? No. People seem to underestimate the safety of drugs you get from the pharmacy.

Would it work for fat loss? Sure, it kills appetite like a mofo and speeds up metabolism like any other stimulant.

Will they probably still be fat? Yes.


The few times I took Adderall as an undergraduate, I actually wanted to write essays. I mean really looked forward to composing bullshit research papers for boring/uninteresting gen-ed courses. I WANTED to do school work.

Ironically, It was such an unfamiliar feeling that I spent most of the time I was on the drug marveling at how I had never wanted to do schoolwork before. I got very little actual work done.


"Little Jimmy's ADD is cured with Adderall, he works so hard!!!"

No, Jimmy's on speed. It helps anyone get shit done, which is why I generally view the diagnosis/medication as lazy medicine.


Damn, I need to get some of that shit. I am doing really boring shit at work these days.


Lol, if youve never used it before, its not a subtle "lets do some work!" feeling, its more of a "FUCK YEAH LETS RUN A FUCKING MARATHON FUCK"

And OP, maybe if you ventured outside your dorm once in a while youd realize half your school takes adderall




I used to think the way you did. However 14 years of college in medicine and marrying a woman with a child that has ADHD re-adjusted my thinking.

Its also lazy medicine to tell people they dont have diabetes but give them "sugar" pills cause their sugar is a little to high. Drs have a bell curve just like every profession.


Acceptable to whom? I think I wouldn't give it a shit. I mean I might chuckle to myself under my breath but I wouldn't be appalled. Then again you are from Utah so...


ADHD: Just like ADD but the picture is incredible.


I am in college. The topic Addies is more frequent and less-hidden than probably even pot, and possibly perhaps alcohol. It is HIGHLY abused in schoolst


Hahahahahaha good one.


My FB status for the day thx!


"The number one killer anywhere is not minding your own buissness"