Drowning Pool Singer Dead At Age 30

No cause of death determined yet. He was found on the tour bus at Ozfest. “Bodies” was a damned cool workout tune. RIP

Holy Crap. I thought this was a joke. Nope. Check it out here:


damn dude that sucks. bodies was definetely one of the best workout tunes of all time.

Even though the entire CD was cliche nu-metal i enjoyed their very catchy music. I recommend “pity me”, “sinner”, and “tearing away”. And yeah, that’s pretty damn sad. Anyone a Snot fan? Lynn Strait was a huge loss to the scene in my opinion.

Snot is an incredible band. I’m pissed that they did not get a chance develop their career. My favorite tune of theirs is “Absent”.

In memory of drowning pool:
Everyone go to the bar tonight, get totally fucked up… and LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!

Yeah man, Absent is a bad ass song. There is some kinda new snot album coming out or something. I think it might be a live cd.

There’s a Snot, or rather a compilation in tribute to Lynn Strait CD called Strait Up. Lajon from Sevendust sings a touching song with the remaining members of Snot, titled Angel’s Son.

Yeah i had that at one point on my computer in MP3 format. It was alright. Nothing on there grabbed my attention, except for of course “Snot - Absent”. But yeah that song was pretty “touching” and well written.