Dropset Help

Since I have been training i have been doing full body workouts and training routines that tend to stray away from going to failure. I am now interested in trying something new and am considering using dropsets. Is there any specific programs that are based around dropsets? or should i just continue my current routine but add them in during the end of my workout?

Full body Im guessing three times a week so at some point you have two consecutive days off in a row. Id add then if you are going to on the day prior to the two days off. Be surfe your eating BIG etc to heal up.

Yeah, Phill’s got the right idea. You can’t do dropsets each of the three days per a week, on a full body program. Believe me, I tried, and was overtrained something like two months later.

So, even though I’d been growing on full body, I went to a split program instead. Just so that I could end every workout with the crazy sets! I’d rather work the muscle more intensely, but less times per a week, than to lay off even a little and train more often.

Either way is probably similar results, but it depends on personal factors which is currently best for you. Good luck.