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Dropping Weight

I have a strongman competition this Sunday at 10:30 and I will be competing as a lightweight. 200.5lbs is the cut off, weigh in is Saturday 4pm. My walking weight was 210-215lbs. Since last Sunday carbs are <40grams, >2gallons of water per day.

Last night i weighed in at 211 before bed. By morning I was 204 after several bathroom trips related to the hyper-hydration. I have to travel Saturday about 4 hours. Do you think I will be fine just cutting water consumption that night? I would think those extra lbs will simply be urinated out by weigh in. I have an herbal diuretic and I suppose I could take some !hot! baths/shower steam in emergency. X-factor is whether or not my hotel bathwater can get warm enough. I could alternatively cut closer to target at home using same tools. Issue is I leave at 7am so it could be a long time in a dehydrated state.

Opinions or suggestions?

Option 1: cut water before bed, leave 7 am. Hope water comes off before 4pm weight. Emergency hot bath/showers if water warm enough

Option 2: Cut water earlier, wake up and cut 200 with hot water/shower/diuretic. Leave at 7am. Maintain until 4pm.

[edit: 2 gallons not liters of water]