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Dropping Weight Quickly Because of Bet

Hello everyone, I managed to put myself in quite a pickle last night. I made a bet with a friend for a pretty good sum of money that I could drop my final 30ish pounds in about 30 days.

I’ve been losing weight pretty rapidly for the last 2 months, dropping from 215 to 187 in this period of time. I am a 5’8" male hoping to get to about 155.

I’m currently eating a really low amount of calories, around 600 a day for 6 days a week, and 2000 on the final day. This is because I’m prescribed adderall and it has literally killed my hunger. I am aware this is not very healthy, and has a high chance of rebound weight gain, but I am supposed to be kept on this medicine for the foreseeable future, so my daily calorie intake should remain under about 1500 for years to come.

I’ve been exercising okish, walking about 24000 steps a day along with some light other cardio, but not too much.

I was wondering what supplements could be useful in trying to accomplish this. There seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions/research on stuff such as cren and other popular weight loss drugs.

I currently take a decent variety of vitamins, not sure what else I would need to tack on to stop/minimize liver/other organ damage. The ones I currently take are an adult multivitamin and a B12 supplement. I also use niacin and caffeine pills. I’m gonna tack on some heart supplement since there is probably minor strain from the lack of calorie intake.

Is it more than the hospital bill will be?


Legal stuff? Nothing. It is a stupid bet if you are not overly obese

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Through severe caloric restriction and walking 12ish miles/day you’ve managed to lose 30 pounds in 60 days, and now you want to see if you can lose another 30 in half the time?

Or the funeral cost.

OP, stop and think. You’re already taking a weight-loss drug (Adderall) that carries a black-box warning for sudden cardiac death. You are experiencing a significant side-effect (anorexia) of that drug. You are starving yourself. Do you really think it wise to continue doing what you’re doing, much less adding another metabolism-affecting substance into this mix? Did you bet so much money that it’s literally worth risking your life?


Even if you could do it you’d look like shit as a large amount would be lean muscle loss. Why would you want to look like a weak skinny guy?

Re-evaluate if this person is your friend

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Step 1: Check if your friend has another bet with someone else that you will drop off the planet before the end of the month.


It’s a real life dead pool!


How did OP find this website?

OP, you won’t be able to lose 30lbs that quickly based upon what you have told us. Also that would be unhealthy. You’re only real option is to make a side bet with someone else that you can GAIN 30lbs in one month. This is the slightly healther option of the two, as well. We could help you with that…