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Dropping Weight in Iraq

So im overweight. Got hurt in Iraq back in November and had to get some serious work done and couldnt lift/run for like 6 months. i opt out of my dwell time and now im back for the 3rd time. Ive still got muscle built under it all, but i’ve gotta get rid of this extra weight. Up till now all natural but wanting more. im short and stocky but all i want to do is shed some weight and tone up. i run and lift 5 times a week. ive made up my mind on Oral, no shots…packages get scanned over here and ive got too much rank to risk having needles found in an x-ray. some advice would be great before i start ordering random things and f*ck myself up. thanks

you should be dropping bombs lol. just kidding. good luck with your boring thread

You’re not in a place to be using hormonal assistance. Get your diet dialed in, with a proper workout regimen that has you consistently getting stronger on all lifts, continue to make progress on it for a few years, THEN you can re-evaluate.

do you really think your’e gonna be consistant with this shit in the sandbox? (i say using terminology i learned playing xbox) just focus on shooting people

man dont risk getting in trouble I dont know waht branch you are with but I am army and they look down on illegal drugs very harshly. Run RUN RUN and run high reps and diet man diet.

[quote]im_the_truth_ wrote:
Run RUN RUN and run high reps and diet man diet. [/quote]

How are “high reps” going to help in this vase?

Your deployments going to be how many months? Probably plenty of time to just run a normal cut.

Cut out some junk calories and let your activity do the work.

Listen to H4M on this. Dropping some fat should only take you a couple months if you have your shit together. Clean up the diet if it needs it, lift heavy, and add some activities that are metabolically demanding.

Don’t bother trying to use distance running to lose fat - use distance running to improve your distance running. High reps will only signal your body that it’s ok to do away with some muscle - lift heavy.

Sorry I honestly dont know why I put high reps. I actually thought you edited my post for a second had to go back and look my mistake scratch high reps. Still stand on the other comments though.