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Dropping Weight Class. Am I Doing Too Much Cardio?

Hey guys, I’m a 19 year old competetive powerlifter from Europe, I’ve recently decided to drop a weight class down and finally managed to do it (I competed at 100kg was having to do water cuts all the time, the most I ever weighed was 115kg and now the lowest I weighed this week was 88.8kg, huge difference, but I was starting to feel my strength decrease by a lot and every day was becoming miserable because my deficit was too high, I had plenty of sleepless nights due to hunger or waking up in the middle of the night in a panic because I was dreaming that I was cooking and my food was getting burnt, so I decided to just end it here as it was too much to handle.

Now the thing is, my appetite is super fucking high right now and I’m taking tren ace and test prop (yes I know I am too young for AAS). I already lost the bodyfat I wanted and this is my current shape (a couple weeks between these photos, If I were to take a new one, I look about the same bodyfat wise, but I’m looking very full due to all the carbs I’m eating)

I decided to do a bulk cycle consisting of 200mg Test P and 500mg Tren A. I am eating like a fucking truck and I just can’t stop. I am easily downing 5-6k calories a day and I’m already feeling super strong, I did 60kg dumbbells on the incline for 8 reps yesterday so I can surely say my strength is finally coming back after a looooong time and it feels fantastic, I feel like a machine every time I set foot in the gym.

I was never in this kind of shape in my life and I’m afraid that I’ll be fat again. I do intense weight lifting 6x a week (I do my powerlifting work first and then do all my bodybuilding accessories, I try to go very intense on these) and to compensate the calories, almost every day after my weight training I do an hour or 1.5 hours of steady state cardio at a pretty intense pace too. This puts my total daily calories minus the calories burned by doing cardio at about 4500. My diet consists of chicken and rice about 4x a day and then the rest is dictated by macros and I just adjust to that and enjoy what I can.

I eat about 150-200g of protein a day and I try to keep my fat intake as low as possible, about 75 grams a day (I try to never go over 90g) so that all the rest comes from carbs and it can easily be about 700g a day.

Do you guys think it’s a big problem if I just really have a huuuge appetite? I would really like to stay lean and just put on some quality mass and enjoy some food lol.

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Oh and here’s a leg pic so I don’t get bashed for having chicken legs haha

I think allot more guys in this sub forum would be more impressed by seeing your actual lifts.

Oops, sorry, I changed the sub forum, but at my last meet (IPL World Championships) I competed at 100kg and 18 years old.

Squat: 270kg sleeves
Bench: 170kg (they misloaded the weight, I wanted to go for 185kg)
Deadlift: 300kg

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Nice work.

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Thank you, I appreciate it! Any opinion on the thread?

My suggestion… back off on the cardio some.


@bulldog9899 Even if it will put me at a higher daily kcal intake? What about the macros part? Would 90g of fat per day be too much?