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Dropping Water Weight Naturally

I have my second competition in two weeks, my first competition I used a trainer and he had me not drop any water because I was already lean and he didnt want to risk losing any size in my muscles. however I feel a bit bigger as in a poofy sorta feeling. All I plan to do as of now is take in 10 spears of asparigus with every meal and try not to eat anything that contains alot of sodium.

Any tips/tricks will be greatly appreciated

along with any constructive criticism

Don’t worry about Asparagus and sodium yet, you’re too far out. Keep your sodium levels what they would normally be (I don’t bother salting everything like some competitors do). Jack up your water intake about 6-7 days out (2-3 gallons per day), then stop drinking (suddenly, no tapering!) Friday afternoon. Also, I usually stop with my sodium containing condiments 3 days out from the show.

Also,… you don’t lose muscle size from cutting water unless you go too long without it (some idiots cut their water 2 days out!). Doing a ‘dry carb load’ will usually keep you pretty full.