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Dropping TM Mid-Program?

Started running beginner prep from forever. Ran it for about 12 weeks. I then tested my TM and hit the 3-5 reps. Hindsight, I probably grinded the reps more than I like to admit. Anyways now I am in my second cycle of BBB and the 3rd set reps are feeling very heavy. The third week looks like a challenge.

Anyways… best to try and hit the 5 reps or adjust my TM mid cycle to a more reasonable number for me? I dont want to avoid pushing myself but I know bar speed is also important.

Your going into the 3rd week of your second cycle? I say just finish out the cycle unless you really feel you can’t hit the reps. Its just one week. You can deload after and run a template with PR sets or test your TM and start a new template.

If the BBB sets are a bit taxing just take longer breaks between sets to help get the work done.

Use the correct TM for the program.