dropping the weight

hey ct,

in your book, you never described exactly how to drop the weight when doing olympic lifts.

do you just drop it or do it in a controlled manner?
if you’re doing it in a controlled manner, don’t you risk an injury?

Dude… control it enough not to smash your knee. It is a common sense issue really. If you fail by a large margin, then you should just get the hell outta the way. If you fail due to fatigue, move the weight in a controlled plane but without resisting it too much. That’s what bumper plates are for.

But… I am sure the IceDawg will have a more eloquent and useful post on this topic.

What kind of gym do you train at? Does it have the bumper plates and oly platforms? If it does, then just drop it. If not, then working up to high loads and low reps could get difficult. Bailing on a lift with standard oly plates and bar is much different. When finnished your reps, just bring the bar under control back to a “hang” position, then set it down.