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dropping the bomb

well guys. the bomb drops today (1/22) at 12 noon. i am doing the deed. tying the knot. strapping on the ole ball and chain. signing my death warrant. yep, you got it. i am getting married. no more single life orgies for me. actually i shouldnt be such an asshole about it. this chick has been awesome to me. she has waited 6 years for me to marry her and never bitched once about it. not to mention she is probably the hottest piece of ass i will ever get : ) i know this was a little off topic but i wanted to share with my bro’s here on the steroid board. well, i am headed to the courthouse, then up to atlantic city for a couple days. talk to you all next week.

Great attitude. Good luck, you’ll need it…

Don’t worry that much. Married life is great. There is nothing better than sharing every moment with the person you love next to you…what, yeah honey, I typed what you told me to. Can I go play outside now?..ok, sorry, like I was saying…RUNNNN :slight_smile:

Nah, its great…for the most part.

Congrats bro! You do still have time to back out! lol So many people told me that before I got married.

Just remember YOU wear the pants in the family, SHE just tells you what size and color. I hope you enjoyed your last blow job last night :stuck_out_tongue:

Little wedding joke for you. Man walking up to the alter and his best man could not help but take notice of how happy he appeared to be. He asked what was up. The groom said,“I just got the best blow job of my life last night and now I am going to marry this woman.”
Same scenario with the bride, the bridesmaids see how happy she is and ask her why she is so happy? She said,“Ladies I just gave the last blow job of my life last night!” and they all smiled.

OH yeah, congradulations in all seriousness I know you will be happy.

Drago1: That’s great news! I’ve heard you yak about her before and she sounds like a great gal.

Maybe you should take a celebratory shot of Test E before you go off on your Honeymoon? j/k.

Have a good time.

And remember: a good marriage, like any relationship, takes work.

Congrats bro. Best of luck. Try not to lose to much at AC.

if shes the best piece of ass youll ever get you are doing the right thing bro. thats what marriage is all about, finding the hottest woman you can ever get and marry her.

wheres the wedding? are we invited?

i volunteer to bring the fina. what are you bringing ru?

i volunteer to bring the fina. what are you bringing ru?

The fucking video camera, what else, they need to cherish this moment forever. They are in Atlantic City. Hopefully I can keep the KY off the lens unlike Warhorse did for JT’s photo.

I just thought of something, wait until he gets back and reads all this shit we wrote. More material for the show.

Congratulations Drago. Marriage can be a wonderful experience and obviously you’ve found the right person. Wish I could give you some advice, but I’m still working on my marriage and the struggles that come with it. Fuck it, I’ll give you some advice anyways…here it goes. Treat her like you would like to be treated and you’ll have a long lasting and healthy marriage. Again, congratulations my friend.

Good goin bro, now we got leverage on ya. I saved every post about that storage room… ;-}
Seriously though, getting married and having kids was the best thing that ever could have happened to my workouts I am at the gym all the time now and actually WANT to go… No wait a minute thats not supposed to equate…
Hmmm… well I am sure there’ll be some good comes out of it or atleast thats what they told me dammit… Congrats, best wishes for ya guys it’ll all work out fine as long as you don’t refer to her as your next ex!!

Drago, congradulations man. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you can find someone who appreciates you for YOU. I don’t know her and I’ve never heard you speak of her, but I’m sure she supports your bodybuilding lifestyle. Heck, if you’ve been together that long, then I’m sure she does. Maybe she trains too? I dunno. Even with your comment about her being the “best piece of ass” is your macho way of saying she’s the “best” for you… period.

'Nuff said. All the best, ma man.

I wish you the best of luck.she will have papers on you now.just remember to always get the last word in like, yes mam.lol congrats dude.

I’ll light a candle for ya Drago. Congrats!

WOW! Congratulations, Drago!

Don’t know what you look like, but you’re a pretty cool dude, so I’m sure she isn’t complaining either. :wink:

My best wishes and best of luck to ya!

Drago, if you are happy, we are happy for you. I think that is nice.

I’ve never followed the misguided wisdom that “love is temporary insanity, curable by marriage.”

Remember though, there is a food that degrades womens’ sex drive - wedding cake!

All kidding aside, good for you.

How do you cure a nymphomaniac?

You marry her!

Congratulations, brother. Let’s see some pics of the bride (preferably nude). J/k, I wouldn’t want P-Dog to explode.