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Dropping Testosterone. Feel Like a Dying Old Man. What to Do?

Hey there Soulwpurpose. good to meet you Bro. When you said you feel old weak & fragile. you also said feeling as if I’m shrinking and dying?? can you explain?

did you mean u lost all your muscles from this happening or a significant amount of muscle Wasting arms, legs or anywhere at all? i am on TRT and before Pre-TRT i did in fact suffer different areas off my body Wasting the muscles. i had been also about 1 year or so low T same as yourself.

Fortunately didn’t get hypothyroidism thanks God, i assume since you got that too, you Piled on lots of weight & fat. Some low Testosterone men pack on weight & fat more. in my case i lost some weight, it was muscle weight.

Just wondered what you meant above by how you have felt old man. did you indeed to Lose muscle since this happened 1.5 year ago and also did your sex drive go down dramatically too??? i have to say My SEX drive did for sure. also did u get any joint pains at all? i did bro only wondering


In answer to your question. The injections would probably make you feel far better. But going that rout is for life. The protocol shown in this forum’s sticky deals with the the hormonal imbalance issue you brought up. But again it’s a pain to do it,for the rest of your life, if your gonads might just heal.

My suggestion is to dial in your thyroid issues, which medical insurance will cover. Then see the way that effects your Testosterone levels and more importantly the way you feel. And save up some money because while your levels are low for your age. The insurance company will call that well withing range. For a 60 year old it is but they don’t really care about optimizing health. At your age you need to try and get your body back to doing its own work as best it can. If it can.

The following link is a must read and the "HPTA restart " might really be interesting to you

I agree. You probably should do a testicular ultrasound. Maybe you can fix something there.
see what the results indicate.

At your age you may be concerned with fertility. Clomid, preferably novaldex can be used to increase LH to see if your testicles can make more T. But if you are primary hypogonadism (testes failing) then you should not see a big jump in T.

Ill be honest with you dannybrouk,

I do notice that my body looks less masculine for sure. Afterall it is hormones and they nearly dictate the cells to what to do in the body. 100% Logical that if a hormone goes out of balance that there will be conseuqences in the body.

And for the sex drive, yeah maybe it decreased some, but come one sex isnt the most important thing in the world, actually this century has a sex mania which is just two bodies humping eahc together if you think about it.

tried clomid no difference at all. Seems like i couldnt even force the testes to produce more Testosterone even with clomid, so logically it is most likely that the testes just cannot produce more amount of testotserone.

Did you get an ultrasound? Maybe you have variceole. Or a tumor. Need to check to make sure.

Also when you took clomid did your LH and FSH increase to the high end?

i do have varicocele and actually i got varicocele after getting kicked during the soccer game.

got surgery for that however, nothing chnaged even though the testicular vein was cut off entirerily during the surgery.

did not test lh fsh :frowning:

I ask because if your pituitary worked fine your LH and FSH would go up.
Either way you are getting close to how you should treat yourself.

If you are primary hypogonadism u need trt 4 sure

TRUE Soulpurpose. thanks for your reply, did u get Joint Pains at all from Low estrogen in the 1.5 years of Low Testosterone, becuz usually you need more Testosterone to make more estrogen. that’s why i wondered if u got any days of really aching throbbing joints?

Charlie12, thats what my conlusion is, howveer, the only way to get it is if docs would give a diagnosis and consequently a prescription, however NOPE hehehe.

However, I read info that due to TRT lowering and shutting down fsh and lh production, other hormones start to decline which rely on fsh and lh as signals, such as pregnoleno f.x. which is also important for skin and etc.

So by giving body exogenous Testosterone and consequelty shutting down body`s FSH and LH production people get their other hromesnt o decline such as prognenolone fx.

So it is like by fixifn Testosterone , one breaks other hormones. Wow, there is no correct way, eh?

Yeah Dannybrouk, i got joint pains, but not only that pains all over my body as if a group of bodybullders were kicking me for hours before sleep hehe

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Some Drs believe in taking pregenglone supps and dhea. They call it back filling the pathways. Some take HCG a chemical that mimics LH. Some Drs don’t recommend filling back. Nothing is proven.

I take just testosterone. My skin is great. Used to have those crusty dry elbows. No more cause my e2 is not low anymore.

so you defiently feel better on Testotserone injections? If i may ask are you self medicating or have a dianosis, if you are not willing to say here, please PM me :slight_smile:

We can’t pm on this forum. I was officially diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism by an Endo. I also believe I have a bit of primary. I did clomid and it actually increased LH and FSH and my t only got to 500.

so what is your protocol and at what levels does it put you? (please answer if you willing of course)

Click on my name and you should be able to see my thread.

I take between 85-95mg testosterone cypionate divided in 2 injections a week and my trough levels between 620-700 total t.

interesting. so taking that small of a dose is pretty much enough for healthy levels. it must be crazy to take something like 200 mg a week for trt, like some people i read.

A rare few may need 200. Depends on liver function too. How they metabolize. Shbg made in liver.

Good starting protocol is 100 mg a week divided in 2 injections.
See TRT: Protocol for Injections

true, depends on individual body. Nonentheless thank you for information. Gotta be careful with hormones.

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