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Dropping Squats for a While


I decided to go back to what started my interest in strength to begin with.
For my legs I am going to use some martial art exercises that some of my instructors taught me. If any of you have ever learned a Chinese martial art from a more traditional teacher you would know foundation is key, and you may know some of what I am doing.
I am posting this because I thought some of you guys on T-Nation might be interested in a few of them. If you are let me know and I will try and get some info up. Videos, or pictures.
I did find one guy on youtube who supposedly knew one that I am doing now. It looked like the easy version of what my second instructor showed me. Since my instructor has more experience then however old this guy is, I will go with my instructor.
Anyway I just thought some might be interested. Let me know.


Always Squat


You gotta be kidding me...

Why can't you focus on increasing overall body strength by lifting weights, and let your martial arts instructor help you improve your skills? I can guarantee you that a highly experienced strength coach can help you develop punching power better than some old kung fu dude...

Good luck.


Always Squat? Well that might be if my only goal was to squat more, which it isn't.

TYPE2B, if you read the post once more you will see that I did not mention once that I was dropping any of my other strength building movements. I am simply stating what I am doing for my legs.

I no longer practice martial arts I am using exercises I learned from martial arts for my legs. These exercises offer strength as well as flexibility/range of motion.

Hey yusef, good luck on your training, someday maybe I can afford to learn some gymnastics or tumbling.


I don't care what your kung fu coach told you. He doesn't know shit about strength and power development...

Unless your kung fu coach is NSCA certified, or atleast have trained with "real strength trainees", such as oly lifters, powerlifters, football players, etc., then he doesn't know shit about improving punching power, kicking power etc. The only thing that he probably knows is technique. That's pretty much it...

Please don't let your coach brainwash you. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-stronger bench press = more potential for punching power

-stronger obliques = stronger rotational power (more powerful punches and kicks!)

-high level of explosive strength = faster striking velocity

-better technique = better in everything (which is probably the only thing that your sensei can help you improve.)

Good luck! And don't trust your sensei when he intructs you to substitute one-legged crouching cheetah squat with "real strength exercises".


TYPE2B I do not practice martial arts anymore. That isn't what this thread is about it is only about leg exercises.
If you want to start your own post on punching harder that is cool with me. This post is only about the leg exercises I am doing and that others may want to try.
Please don't post about being a better puncher/fighter it detracts from the subject of this post.


...Ooops, I'm sorry.

Yeah, I've always had severe reading problems. Please understand.


Again if anyone is interested I would be happy to show you. Weight can and should be added once body weight is to easy.

Sorry about posting that last one twice, it wasn't showing up so I tried again.


Are pistols one of them?


I'm curious as to what these exercises you are reffering to are, so if you could please post some info that'd be great.


If you're doing all your other weight stuff then you're still looking gain size/strength?
I've been/am training in several chinese boxing arts, the leg exercises are great but they don't act like squatting. Can't you do both?


No, I don't like pistols because they hurt my back. My hams are tight and my back has always been week so my back compensates for it.
The one I am doing right now was called dragon walk its my favorite. I found a guy online who said he knew it but it is not the same, mine is harder, I tried. I will work the glutes, the inner thigh mostly, and the quads and hams to a lesser degree.
Another one was called the Shoalin leg exercise, that just what is was called. It is harder I think and helps more with flexibility and range of motion.
The others I don't know the names of I would have to show you them.


It seems a few are interested so I will have my wife film me tomorrow I post what I can. Not sure how to do that yet but I will figure it out.


shutupnlisten, I don't know which leg exercises you are doing but try adding weight. That is what got me into strength training. My instructor said I had the movements down, and then instructed me to start adding weight. Try holding a weight plates, use a weight vest, use your imagination.
I found weight on the back changed some of the exercises. Think front vs back squats. They both are good but they are both different and place the stress in different areas.


That's actually something I never really thought about. I always look on weight sessions and MA sessions as seperate, but you've got a really good point there. I'll try it out at the very least!


Just drop the squats when you're on your period. When the red tide is gone, and your balls grow back, squat again until you puke.


Why are you dropping squats on favor of these "martial arts exercises"? What do you hope to obtain by performing them? Will you ever re-introduce squats? What are your goals as far as training is concerned? And, why do you think these exercises will help you reach your goals and squats won't?


You can easily dodge the hypertrophy part of squats and still get the power by manipulating the reps. No need to drop to less than one day/week of squats. Get the vertical advantage.

I know rec gymnasts/parkour guys that recognize and utilize the power of squats to big advantage.



Are you NSCA certed? Didnt think so. So why are you giving great fake advice like "benching will improve your punching power?"

Stick to deloading every 2 weeks mate.



I'm trying to figure out why your asking this dude who posted this a month ago then went entirely inactive questions...