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Dropping some bucks on a home gym

I am getting ready to drop a load on a home gym and wanted you guys to review it to see if I don’t need something or left something out. Here’s what I am starting with…

Power rack, bench, olympic set (with a few extra plates), EZ curl bar, tricep bar, 2 floor mats, bar pad (for squats and deads), two dumbell bars. That is at least the main things…

I also have a dip/pull up station. I figure this will cost me around $1100 - ouch. It is high quality, I’m in this for the long haul now, plus my family should be able to use it a long time. I guess I don’t mind the expense when you prorate it over a healthy life.

Anything I don’t need or have left out??? I am going Saturday so I appreciate your help.

You can drop the tricep bar and get a Manta Ray instead of the bar pad. Also, the curl bar is unnecessary – I have one I haven’t used in over a year. Also, you might consider some small plates (1-1/4 lb) for making smaller increments in dumbell weight.

I admire your look at this from the standpoint of long term health. Even if you want to keep this less “extreme” if you have space, medicine balls, kettlebells and a Reverse Hyper would be nice additions. You might also consider other items depending on the age or interests of your family. Good luck! In faith, Coach Davies

I think all I’d need is a Reflex power rack, an olympic bar, 2 olympic dumbells a dip station & a bunch of weight.

How about a Dip / Pull-up combo stand. i know I would use it often.

Powerblocks are pretty cool. At least I think that’s what they’re called…this has been such a fatiguing day.

This is my setup: Olympic bar (set) with extra plates, olympic DB handles, squat rack, floor mat, med ball, chin bar, inc/flat/dec bench, ironmind grippers, a stereo and a towel. I started with a bench and bar andd got the rest gradually…I LOVE IT. Its all i need.

I have only one piece of equipment at my house, which is a Reverse Hyper machine the commercial model. I purchased this from elite fitnesssystems (Dave Tate’s web site).

Sounds like a great start. I think you might need some extra floor pads for deadlifting. I would add a dipping/chinning belt so you can add weight to make them progressive. Are you counting on bent-over rows for your horizontal pulling movement?

Let’s see…you need some big rocks, a tire, a pulling sled, a duffel bag full of sand, some farmer’s walk implements, some barrels. You can get most that stuff for free.

What about the fitness bunnies wearing the spandex???


You forgot about your lat machine with low row. Plate loaded should be fine. You’ll need the lat machine to do some hardcore back work from various angles. Get both narrow and wide grips.

If you’ve got $50 left over, get a Swiss/Stability ball. This’ll help ensure you don’t end up stereotypically “musclebound and stiff”. It’ll help you stretch out as well as strengthen some neglected stabilizer muscles.

add a trapbar, but buy used stuff if you can!! why go buy a new power rack when a used one at 1/3rd of the price would work just as well? when it comes to olympic wts. buy a good bar but buy cheap used wts. 45 lbs is 45lbs so why do they have to be nice and new (I know you did not say that, it is just a point)? you may say “but sometimes the 45lb plates weigh 44 or 46lbs” so? they will be pretty much the same if they are from the same manufacturer (ie. one weider 45 weighs the same as the other weider 45 that came with that set). spend the money on the bench, bar and {if you need db’s} powerblocks (get them used too). if you wanna go all out get a used comercial cable row machine. you can get soooo much more for your money if you are willing to buy used stuff.peace