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Dropping Reps While Cutting


I thought I read somewhere that it is a bad idea to lower the rep range while cutting (say, if you've been hanging around in the 6-8 range, then want to drop it to 4-6). What's that about?

I would think it would be good to progress to higher loads.


When cutting you want to keep the muscles stimulated to minimize cannibalism...

I would lower the weight and up the rep range...


I remember Thibs recommending lower rep ranges while cutting. I think he said it's because the metabolic demands of lower rep ranges are lower.


That is true. Rep ranges 6 and under draw little on glycogen.

The idea behind the thing I read was that one shouldn't drop the rep range in the MIDST of cutting. So, if you've been doing 6-8 reps, you shouldn't go lower during the cut.

Again, though, that doesn't really make sense, because it is essentially saying you shouldn't seek to progress.

I wish I knew where I read that and who wrote it, so I could read it again.


I think you mean catabolism not cannibalism.

To answer the OP's question - Generally you should decrease workout volume significantly and increase intensity while reducing calories. Personally I think you should stay somewhere between 4-8 reps. Read CT's article "Destroying Fat - War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss"


This article should help you out.


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