Dropping Power Cleans w/o Bumpers

So I just started doing Starting Strength after a couple months off from weightlifting. I am at my parents house for the summer and going to the local YMCA to workout.

Just a few questions about the power cleans. To my knowledge (i’ll ask next time i work out) the YMCA I’m at doesn’t have any bumper plates or an Olympic lifting platform. The floor is covered in rubber flooring though. Is it ok to drop the weights on this? I’m not doing really heavy weights yet so I think my back can handle hanging on to the weight coming down but I’ve read that once the weight starts piling up, it can start to be bad for your back.

Why would you need to drop them? We are talking about power cleans, not max effort dead lifts. If you can clean it then you can set it back down.
Is there some reason that you couldn’t figure this out? Or do you just want an excuse to dump the weights in the gym.

As long as you are able to start light and control it on the way down; you should be able to drop it in a proper manner.

Most places won’t bug you unless you really make some noise, so be careful and keep your form tight.

Simple answer:

You can learn to control the bar to drop nicely into your lap, or slip down your front onto the middle of your quads. This guy does it a little sloppy, but that’s because he is working with 100kg.

If you are doing power cleans, you just drop to lap, then slide down off quads to the floor like an eccentric deadlift.

Do that, and you wont have any complaints.

ok thanks, thats what I have been doing, I have just read and been told by people if I keep doing that is going to fuck up my back but it looks like there isnt a problem with proper from.